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just to add a bit of detail, i prefer steel cut oatmeal which has the downside of taking about 25 minutes after the water boils, and i waited about 15 minutes in when it is just starting to firm up before i added the berries. it turns the whole lot a bluish purple with little sign of actual berries when done. i'm sure the same could be done sooner with the 5 minute kind, or even after it's served. steel cut oats have a nuttier texture which i prefer.

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i finally got a lasagna pan with some depth. i have always used a baking dish that is a fraction over 2" deep... this one is 3½". at last i won't get a good deal of sauce spilling over the sides and an oven mess to clean up.

one thing that still puzzles me... off the shelf lasagna noodles are about 10½" long. EVERY lasagna pan i look at... including this one, is between 13-14 inches long. this one has a slight slope to the sides and it is 14" at the rim. i've looked around the internet and people claim that after they cook the noodles, they lengthen up to 13". 1) i always under-cook the noodles. i get them soft, but very al dente. if you boil them too long, they are not easy to handle and break apart. 2) they don't come near 13 " and i doubt if fully cooked they would... at least in my kitchen. they expand maybe a half inch. someone else suggested laying the noodles across the pan. at the rim, this new one is 10". too short unless i want to waste some by cutting an inch or so off.

anyway... just a Saturday rant.

i can think of one solution. there is a shop in the Little Italy part of town that makes very good fresh pasta. i'm sure they could accommodate me.
my favorite post-holiday is coming up.
look for the big sale on huge strawberries the day after Feb 14th.

much more healthy than the chocolate bunny sales the day after Easter.
hey... i'm two months older than Cheez Whiz... :)

Cheez Whiz.jpg

about as close as i ever get to binge eating... on my way back from getting a vascular sonogram yesterday, i had to get gas... saw the San Diego Brewing Co. across the street... discovered it was being gutted and redone... noticed a Cheese Steak place in the same strip mall a few doors down and thought, what the heck. opted for the foot long... should have gone with the 6". wow, was that ever good.... x2..!
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spinach & carrots were on sale. hard to believe i still hear about food costing too much. 3 - 5 days of vegetable sides here... i'd be surprised if everything cost be more than $8-10. mushrooms, onions, garlic, jalapenos augmented the spinach. i used to buy a bag and by the second salad, some of the leaves would be badly wilted. this panfull was two big bags... hard to believe how much it cooks down.

...and then there are days when i cannot find a single pair of reading glasses.


The Brookside @ ... highly recommended.
i have only ever had one pair break ... now if i could only stop losing them ... in plain sight.
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drat... weather at the spot i picked out a year ago to see the eclipse on the 8th isn't looking good.


cloud cover over 50% and now rain is being predicted.
going to have to look over the next 2-3 days to see if it gets any better.

[edit: officially cancelled my trip today. it's a 16+ hour drive each way so just not worth the risk.]

Del Rio eclipse weather.jpg
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less than 24 hours to go... probably made the right decision.
(highlight is the % cloud cover)
eclipse is a few minutes after noon local time.

looking ahead (2028)... July is the middle of winter down under.
wonder what the temps are like...?

Del Rio eclipse weather.jpg
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Cate, thanks for that link... wow, so many places sound interesting. Purnululu (Bungle Bungle) National Park looks amazing, but then i see Dunedin, NZ is also in the path and there is a small railroad there i'd like to see. it will likely be my first trip to Australia/ NZ, so i might save up for a long vacation. plenty of time to plan. 15+ hour flight from San Diego to Sydney... geez.
Flyer, I think the Bungle Bungles would be high on my list. My brother said it was his favourite place in the outback. He took a scenic flight over them. Everywhere takes forever from Australia.....
big relief the other day when i finally realized my headaches aren't from a brain tumor, but started when my radiant heater failed last month and i moved a hot air type heater into my bedroom. the air got so dry i was getting sinus headaches. i've got a humidifier on order, but spring is cranking up the ambient temp so i rarely use heater now.