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got another 175.5 today. i probably won't start weighing myself daily for another week, but i just wanted to make sure yesterday's weight wasn't anomaly. today i'll have the rest of the tuna salad i made a few days ago... i have a bunch of carrots i''ll probably just steam... and i got more supplies for a spinach salad yesterday. first time i've bought bacon in a while. $7 for 12 oz... seems pricey still, but i'm going to fry the hell out of it to make bits that should last for a few salads. might cook up an egg sandwich while the pan is on the range. definitely going out for a walk first.

breakfast at maybe 2pm. i'll finish up today before 8pm. going to try to stick to 2 - 8 for an 18/6 IF schedule.

in about a month or two i'm going to get a shoulder replacement.
would like to make a dent on my planned loss by then.
right shoulder so it'll probably effect my cooking for a while, but i can't see how it would effect walking.
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I'm sure it won't take you long to get back down to the weight you want to be, Flyer. I don't think I have heard of anyone getting a shoulder replaced. Has it slowly been disintegrating or did you injure it?
a sport i enjoyed, mostly after college, was softball and i had a very strong throwing arm. i typically played 3rd base or outfield and i could throw runners out at home from the field. needless to say, this took a toll as did soccer with my knees. arthritis attacks these over stressed joints and that's what's going on with my right shoulder. i was surprised to hear shoulder joint replacements have been going on since the 50's, but only recently have they started a "reverse" procedure where the ball and socket are flipped. that one is touted as being more stable and easier to recover from, though it slightly limits the final range of motion vs the other procedure. this one is what is being recommended by my doctor.

what surprised me even more is that it requires no hospital stay.
i will go in for the operation and afterwards go home.
drat... i'll miss all that wonderful food ... :)

shoulder replacement.jpg
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didn't have breakfast today until 3:30... two burger patties but only one bagel/bun plus an onion i roasted up while the burgers were broiling. it'll probably be an OMAD day, but i'm eyeing a bottle of wine... :). tomorrow should be a good day... a swap meet at the nearby HS which is up a hill, then there is an art opening across the street a friend asked me to attend, so a busy day is a day i'm out and away from the kitchen. very likely another short eating window.
i've had Arlyn Hackett's first cookbook since it was published in 1991, but this is another (1995) that just arrived today. i highly recommend any of his books.

a note regarding book collectors. i got it from Abebooks and it was $13.20 including shipping and tax ($20 suggested retail). it was listed as VG and aside from a tear in the dust jacket, it is LN. but to book collectors, that is all it takes to knock down the condition. i have bought about half a dozen VG books from Abebooks and all have been in exceptional condition to anyone just wanting the information.

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seeing 174.5 fairly consistently now and today there was a slight flicker to 174.0 before it settled. seems like i am at least on the right track. still feel i should be getting out for more morning walks, so i'll keep this short... ::)
Have you been doing IF all along, Flyer or did you have a break over the "shortbread" season? Morning walks would get your metabolism going. How cold does it get there?
Have you been doing IF all along, Flyer or did you have a break over the "shortbread" season? Morning walks would get your metabolism going. How cold does it get there?
a few mornings recently it was in the low 40's ... i have no qualms about being called a SoCal wimp... it only takes about a year before you bundle up for 50° days.

i have never gone off IF, but regardless of the schedule, if you eat more calories in a day than you can burn off in a day, there isn't a diet on earth that won't cause a weight gain. the goal of IF is making sure you can burn the calories you store after eating. your muscles and liver can only hold so much, but if you don't give your digestion a break (fasting at least 12-14 hours) your insulin level will never get low enough to tap stored calories (fat). that is the problem with simply reducing your caloric intake. if your insulin level stays high, you can't get to the stored calories (fat). at that point your body has no alternate other than to slow your metabolism. that's why people often confuse fasting with starving.

i haven't attached this in a while, but this is the video i have to admit literally changed my life...

Dr. Jason Fung - 'Therapeutic Fasting - Solving the Two-Compartment Problem'

while i'm at it, i'll throw this one out there, too...
Sugar -- the elephant in the kitchen: Robert Lustig at TEDxBermuda 2013
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as an addendum, i have to note... the only two diets i can see being effective are Intermittent Fasting and Keto. Keto uses calculations and low carb food (all calories are NOT created equal) to make sure your insulin level stays low. Intermittent fasting does essentially the same thing through brute force. if you don't eat anything, your blood sugar will never get out of control so your insulin level has no reason to be high.
one last note on Intermittent Fasting.... i hadn't watched the Fung video in years so i gave it another watch. the thing that caught my attention more than anything is the few times he mentions... fasting... "i'm not saying it easy, but i'll get into that later". i notice he didn't.

why it was/ is simple for me? ... i have never been a dessert of sweets addict. about a week ago i was at a luncheon and they had a oreo-type ice cream dessert. i had one. before that, i can't recall the last time i had ice cream or even dessert.

another thing that made it easy (easier?) for me... i was never a big advocate of breakfast... the 8am style breakfast. my biggest problem was eating late into the evening. so even if i didn't eat breakfast*, many times eating my first time of the day at noon, i barely broke 12 hours. add to that i often had just a bagel early in the day... *poof* there goes my overnight fast.

how i approached IF was to start with my sleep hours... that's a freebie unless you raid the fridge in the middle of the night regularly ... i cut out that early morning "snack" completely and then i started to crank back my last calories of the day.

don't try to start Intermittent Fasting on day one. start with your sleep hours and gradually increase fasting time to either end. it took me about 2 weeks to get my late night eating back to around 6 or 7 pm. now i have my first calories of the day at maybe noon to 2pm and from that point i stick to a 6 to 8 hour eating window.

during fasting times do i ever get hungry...? yes..! try not to run to the fridge next time hunger hits you. funny thing... you'll find that it eventually goes away.

*breakfast... ok sometimes i refer to breakfast as what most people eat first thing in the morning. more to the point, MY definition of breakfast is the first meal after a fasting time. BREAK FAST... get it? as i said, most days i have breakfast at 1 or 2 pm... some days i have an eggs and bacon for the last meal of the day... breakfast is a time, not a menu item.
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i have a friend with Parkinson's who i help out every so often and after we had coffee and went grocery shopping i didn't get home until about 4:30 then after some chores i realized i hadn't had breakfast yet so i decided to skip it completely. i would probably think it is odd, but since i've done this before, day 2 of a multi day fast is strangely calming. first thing in the morning and you might think hunger would be paramount, but it isn't. i will probably have breakfast at my normal time in a few hours... since it was unplanned i have too much food that will be wasted if i keep it up. going to be interesting to step on the scale, but the garage is too cold right now to think about it yet.
not going to post the weight i just saw.
it was a busy day yesterday, but i doubt if i burned 12,000 calories.
typically multi day fasting doesn't show a true indication right off.
i've seen this before.
let's see if this holds... the scale read 170 yesterday and i thought that was an outlier, but maybe it wasn't. coming off a 44 hour fast, all i had yesterday was a double cheeseburger and a handful of almonds. two burger patties left in the fridge, but i have to use up some spinach and carrots, so it may be a vegfest today.

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well, one positive... i have to go in for an MRI for my shoulder in about a week and it will be nice to see street clothes weight under 80 Kg (177 lbs) again. last few times i've been in, it's been a tick over 80. at home i weigh myself wearing t-shirt, sweat pants and socks. substitute jeans with pockets full, a shirt or sweatshirt and shoes and it adds about ~2½ - 3 lbs.

ultra light eating day... half a blueberry bagel and a handful of almonds.
see what is what in the morning.

meeting a friend tomorrow, so i may just keep my total calories low without technically intermittent fasting.
as long as it doesn't become a habit, something that happens occasionally without much negative effect.

it's pouring outside, so my meeting will probably be postponed.
never a shortage of indoor activities, so staying busy will not be a factor.
in fact my bad memory is usually a plus.
with three floors, i climb stairs a lot on days like this.

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had the last leftover cheeseburger today along with some blueberry oatmeal. i picked up a huge box of blueberries the other day and when i was making oatmeal, decided to throw in a few handfuls. OMG, was that good..!!