Club 170s

:p Should´ve known your scale would see reason in time. I was back on the threshold of the 170s this morning but I´m confident I´ll be safely into the 160s again tomorrow.
Down this morning, will see what Wednesday brings!

LaMa, get out of here! This room ain't big enough for the two of us!
I did and I'm comfortably back in the 160s so spread out all you like. Or maybe don't as I guess it would ruin the whole point of this forum :p
Good for you LaMa, but I am hot on your trail!

I am down this morning and should have a good loss this week. But I am sure I will still be here. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

Next week I am on vacation in Florida and probably will not be weighing in. And perhaps not losing weight, so am not sure how long it will take to get me out of this place. But I don't plan to be a long term resident here.
Ok, that does make a difference. Otherwise you've basically been going in a straight line, which is incredible.
I am down a little this morning, but not much. I am happy just to be down after the vacation. Guess I will wait to my usual Wednesday to log an "official" weight. My straight line may have a bit of an inflection.

I am struggling still trying to figure out what my goal ought to be, guess I would at least like to get out of here and into the 160s.
Down more this morning, I am going to call it 172 lbs. It has been an interesting weigh in, I am down 3 lbs since Monday; using my unscientific averaging I think 172 is about right, but lots of bouncing around. The scale at the gym is lower than mine at home, but I am sticking with the home scale, that's what I started with.

Guess I will be here a little longer, not a bad place to be!
Looks like you've got the place to yourself atm - it'll be weird to see you pass me by in a week or two!
Down a little this morning, but still here. We'll see what Wednesday brings.

It is hard for me to imagine that I am down to a point that I am even close to your weight LaMa, just doesn't seem possible.
:D I was 77.4 kg the last time I checked so... I'm back in the 170s and quite possibly heavier than you!
I'm back in the 170s and quite possibly heavier than you!
But a whole lot fitter and younger! When looking at the BMI charts I found that ideal weights are the same for men and women. Surprised me I always thought men were supposed to weigh more, but apparently not.
I dunno: I remember "learning" that a man should weigh about as much as his height in cm minus 100 and women should weigh their height minus 110. I guess it's to do with bmi not being a proper tool for individual use again. The more you train the more difference in mass you'll have. Men will have more muscle mass than similarly athletic women but women will have 10 or so percentage points more bodyfat than similarly fit men. So... I dunno.
I dunno: I remember "learning" that a man should weigh about as much as his height in cm minus 100 ....

80kg...!? i like your system... :)

i used to have a link to a site where people posted pictures along with their height, so you could look at, say, everyone 5' 11" at various weights. i did notice that women seemed to be better proportioned who were at the lower end of the Normal BMI scale. i won't disagree that it probably has to do with the fat & muscle ratio between men and women. i have a feeling the way i can stay at about 23 BMI is that i don't have a body-builder physique at this age and somewhat due to the arthritis. i remember having better looking abs some years ago when i was in the low 170's, but i was also 40 years old and was biking a lot.
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