Calorie anxiety after weight loss


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Hi guys I’m new here and I’m a college athlete and over covid I lost about 25lbs and now I’m having terrible anxiety over foods I eat and am constantly counting calories in my head even though I have physically stopped weighing my food. It’s obsessive to the point that I can’t eat anything without adding it up with other foods I ate that day. I’m scared to gain the weight back even though I did it very safely. Food scares me now and if I do eat like crap once in a while it’s on my mind for days and I feel like I am going to gain the wait back because of that one bad day or couple days. Does anyone else have this problem because I don’t know what to do


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Hi Nfmills and welcome to the forum. I have definitely been there and I know others here have, too. If it´s still very new you may just need a bit of time to get used to the idea that you really did it but if it´s been 6 months or so and you´re still obsessing over it counseling may be a good idea. Losing weight is hard. Keeping it off is hard. Believing in yourself is super hard.


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Hi, nfmills. I have been there too but unfortunately did end up putting half my weight back on (after years of keeping it off). I lost mine too quickly. I agree with LaMa- counselling would probably be a very good idea. It's hard to get that balance & sometimes we just need help.