☆♡☆Fitness journey- starting on pg 4☆♡☆

My morning routine is done (kids off to school, dog walk, chores and treadmill for 20 mins incline of 3) and now I'm just sitting and watching vlogs till I get my nails done.

It's actually so nice to sit in my living room and play with my dog and watch videos. I normally sit in my kitchen cuz I vape in there so sitting in my LR is helping me not vape as much either! Not that I care lol, I love vaping.

Breakfast was good. I had 2 scrambled eggs, whole grain toast with butter and jam and a glass of milk. I was going to eat at 6 but I forgot. I used to eat breakfast at 10 but I need fuel in the morning. So tomorrow I'll make the same thing upon waking up.
Hey! Ik it's been a few days. I'll get back to daily logs.

I have been doing REALLY well. Since Tuesday I have regulated my eating, my mood has shot up to extremely happy and motivated (but not manic). I am fueling my body and have even cut out my afternoon nap. I'm doing an hr of pacing rather than 3 and the rest of my spare time is sitting and relaxing 😌

So since I'm not pacing very much I needed something to do or watch. I am tired of tv shows, so I found out I love watching vlogs on YouTube! I subed to a bunch of very positive people and it's rubbing off on me.

My weight is still the same, which is why I started to pace a bit again. Hoping to burn some extra calories.

But honestly... if I maintain 135, I will be happy. I'm finally at a good place in life, why ruin it? I love my body right now, I love myself right now (I struggled with self love for years). Everything is good.

I get around 15-18k steps in but I still have lots of relaxing time. I even have been organizing like crazy. My house is so organized now!

All in all, I'm doing really well mentally, emotionally and physically. My eating looks like this and I have counted the calories once to make sure I wasn't overeating.

Brekky (6am)- 2 scrambled eggs, 1 buttered and jammed whole grain toast, cup of milk.
Snack (9am)- Oatbar
Lunch (1pm)- Yogurt and banana
Snack (4pm)- Protein bar
Supper (6pm)- Sensible portion
Treat- 100 cal of chocolate

Total- 1800.

I do not binge anymore. All that binging was my body crying out for food! Now I fuel my body properly and no longer crave junk food (also knowing I get chocolate at night helps) and I haven't binged in nearly a week!

I've increased my water consumption from 2-3 cups a day to 6-8 a day. I'm no longer dehydrated.

So ya, I won't be unhappy if I lose some more weight but I'd be happy staying at 135.

Whatever happens, I still want to post here but it may be a maintenance thread instead.

I have lost 20 pounds from my HW of 155 after I went on medication. So ya, I'm happy!
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So today I ate brekky at 10. My hubs cooked for us🙂 In 20 mins (at 1) I'll have my yogurt and banana and a coffee.

Today is a relaxing day, got some grocery shopping to do later. But right now, my hubs is at work for a little bit. And I'm completely fine being at home alone with the kids.

I've done my hr of pacing today (no dog walk or treadmill on weekends) so I'm glad I did that.
I ate a nutrigrain bar at 2 cuz I was still hungry after lunch. It's 3 now and I'm still hungry 😅 I chugged a bunch of water and feel a little better. Protein bar at 4!
You're going great, minny! I love to hear that you have found a happy balance :)
My mil brought muffins over Thursday. I really want one but I won't. I think I'm just craving sugar. 30 mins left till my protein bar!
Grocery shopping is done! It was fun 🙂 Cooking pizza now. I buy flat bread pizza and cut it in half. Tonight it sweet with heat pepperoni.
Ok so, I still go on the anorexic site to check on some people and oh my goodness, I can't believe it was like that. I feel for these girls, that is no way to live. With all that self loathing and self-hatred, these girls break my heart. I wish those girls could see their value and worth in life.

It's a reminder to keep on my positivity journey and never go back to that.
So I've read over my thread and it's so discombobulated lol. I want to lose weight, no I want to maintain....oiy.

So I really thought about what I want. I took into consideration my mental state right now and my overall health.

So last year at this time, I was 155. I lost 25 pounds quickly by a restrictive junk food diet. I did not feel well, physically and mentally.

I did get down to 130 but then I started binging for a couple months. I gained 7 pounds (my weight a few days ago). I started pacing 20-25k steps to "purge" the calories. I was on an anorexic website and for a week I tried to eat 1000 calories a day. I wanted to be 100 pounds.

By the end of that week, I was severely depressed and became suicidal. I talked with my hubs and we agreed my mental health is more important than losing weight. We agreed I need to concentrate on fueling my body (that 1000 calorie week I was so tired) for energy and nutrition.

The first day I ate normally I had so much energy! Fast forward to now and I've been eating healthy for a week. I am 136.2 today.

So what do I really want? Honestly, I think I want to maintain. I now have a healthy relationship with food (no more binging!) and more importantly, my body. I'm not disgusted when I look in the mirror anymore. In fact, I quite like my body. I'm slim and strong now.

I found 4 pairs old 'fat' jeans (size 10) and I no longer view them as fat jeans. They fit so well now and I like how I look in clothes again. 🙂

So my thread will be a maintenance thread. I love talking about food, fitness and weight. I don't get to talk much about it irl, so I like it here.
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So food intake today:

Brekky- 2 scrambled eggs, toast with butter and jam, milk, 2 coffees
Snack- Chocolate strawberry oat bar (oh my it was so good)
Lunch- 2 yogurts, banana, 1 coffee
Snack- Protein bar
Supper- Shaved steak sandwhich, carrots. (I'm skipping the fries)
Treat- 100 cal chocolate

Fitness today:

1 hr of pacing
20 min on treadmill incline 3.
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Oh I also have a goal to read the Bible in 2 years. I tried reading the 1 yr Bible but it was too much at once. The 2 year Bible is easy to do!

Since I'm better mentally, I'm working towards a closer relationship with God. He has done miracles in my life.

I also ordered some new headbands that I got 2 days ago, I feel like a hippie lol! I also ordered a cross necklace choker. I have a cross necklace but it hangs too low to wear with sweaters. So I'm excited for my new necklace to come on Friday. Good shopping I did!

Oh look at that, lunch time!
My cupcake nails!


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I'm feeling some anxiety over cooking supper. Even tho I rarely mess up supper (hard to mess up a boxed supper) I still get nervous. Today I am trying something new and I'm very anxious about it...phew, breathe minny.
I'm very proud of myself! For supper I made Shaved steak (from a box! Lol) on a hot dog bun with onion and mozzarella cheese and carrots on the side. During my starvation period, I'd easily eat 2, plus fries and veggies. Today I managed 1, with carrots and NO FRIES! I was an 8 outta 10 for fullness and I quit eating! I'm so proud of myself. I NEVER in a million years thought I could do that with food!

And I'm gonna end the night with ice cream 🙃
So I woke up at 5 go pace but decided I wanted to workout instead. I tried to then quit to go back to pacing. But then I was determined to get back into fitness, so at 5:30, I did these videos.

I was so proud of myself to working out! I'm so out of shape so I want to get back into shape.

I only used 5 pound dumbells but that was a challenge!

So now this is a maintenance and fitness thread. I'm here to get in shape 💪 It's nice to have a goal, rather than just maintaining!

I will do cardio 5x a week and weights 3x a week (Mon,Wed, Fri). I will do weights tomorrow again then get a rest day on Thurs.

I know I'll be battling my lazy self who does not like working out. But all I have to do is show up and move. I can do that. Hopefully I'll enjoy working out as it gets easier. I'm sure it will!
Food plan today (it's always the same except supper)

Brekky- 2 scrambled eggs, buttered and jammed toast, glass of milk, 2 coffees
Snack- Oat bar
Lunch- 2 yogurts, banana, coffee
Snack- protein bar
Supper- Chili
Treat- 5 small chocolate eggs

My brekky was so good. Last week I did not enjoy it but now my body craves it. Good! Hopefully I'll be the same with fitness lol!

I'm going to watch bikini competition prep videos (my latest obsession). They really motivate me so be healthier.