☆♡☆Fitness journey- starting on pg 4☆♡☆

So it's 11am and I just finished my morning routine, now I'm just sitting on the couch playing with my dog Bear. I will watch some bikini prep series and other vlogs to keep me entertained till lunch time (1pm).
So I just got the kids home and homework is all done. I had a good morning/afternoon. Watched youtube, relaxed and played with my dog. Isn't he adorable?

I just finished my 4pm protein bar. I get the brand pure protien and I really like their dark chocolate coconut. My cat Sylvester is interested lol.

I feel nice and full now. I am making chili for supper. I haven't made chili in years and I'm nervous if it's going to turn out. I made it in the slow cooker.


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Supper is done and my chili turned out really good! The kids wouldn't eat it tho, so they got alphaghetti. 😅

Just relaxing now in the living room with my family. I'm actually thinking about tomorrow's workout and how I'm looking forward to it!

So I have some goals for fitness, but first is a list of what I'm doing:
20 min low impact aerobics
10 min full body dumbbell workout with 5 pound weights
20 min treadmill incline of 3

Here is a list of my end goals:
Work up to 30 min high intensity aerobics
20 min full body dumbbell workout with 10 pound weights
30 min treadmill incline of 4

So how will I accomplish these goals? Every 2 weeks I will find new videos to do. So in 2 weeks I will do:
1) 30 min low impact aerobics.
2) 10 min full body with 7 pound weights

But starting tomorrow I will do 25 min on the treadmill incline of 3.

I've been wanting to keep a diary irl but didn't know what to write. But now, I do. I will keep track of my progress everyday as well as how I'm feeling mentally and my diet. It would be nice sitting after supper in my living room and writing. I'm going to do that now.
Woke up at 5 to workout! I was a bit sluggish this morning but I got it done! Aerobics and strength training. Then I took a shower and now I'm eating brekky.


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So my morning routine will start soon.
Get the kids up and showered
Feed them brekky
Get dressed and teeth brushed
Take them to school
Dog walk (it's been 4 days, it's been too cold)
Treadmill for 25 mins
Then relaxing time.

I'm looking forward to supper tonight. It's take out Wednesday. I'm getting a quesadilla from taco time. I haven't had one in years but I saw someone on youtube eating one now I want one. I normally get mcdonalds or a sub, so this will be a nice treat!
Finished my morning routine. I did 25 min on the treadmill too, so I've done all my exercises for the day! At 9 I had an oat bar for a snack. I'm feeling hungry now (10:20am) but I'll wait till 1 to have my yogurt and coffee.


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Here is lunch! I love my yogurt and banana. I just had an hr nap (I'm trying to give them up or have a 20 min cat nap in preparation for my kids being home for summer) but I needed a longer nap. I just started getting up and 5 yesterday and working out so I'm being kind to myself by letting me catch up on sleep.


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My quesadilla wasn't very good. Would not get again. BUT since I didn't get fries or any sides, my hubby asked if I wanted a blizzard.. um...ya! So I got a small chocolate brownie.

I'll weigh in on Mondays as well.
So I got my morning routine done. No dog walk again, too cold. I did cardio this morning, was a good workout. 25 min on the treadmill too.

Now I'm just lazing around till 1:30 where I have an appt.

I'm excited to strength train tomorrow and especially adding weight in a few weeks.

Had my normal brekky and snack, but for lunch I had my 2 yogurts, as always but I'm out of bananas so I had a fruit cup. It wasn't very good, but hey, it's fruit.
So I had an appt and got that done. Soon I have to get my kids and take them to swim lessons. I normally have my protein bar at 4 but I will have to have it at 3.

I'm making beef stir fry tonight for supper. One of my favorite meals!
So I've been struggling today mentally. Just anxious today and I don't know why. Certain things in my life don't help but it shouldn't be the reason I'm stressed. I can't wait to workout tomorrow.

Although I have not turned to food to cope. I'm just... coping.

I'm really looking forward to supper. I'm hungry lol.
Well, supper was disappointing. Everything came together and it tasted...fine I guess. I don't know, it's hard to explain.

The last couple days, food doesn't taste as good (no I'm not sick or getting sick). I don't daydream about food anymore. It's just fuel. I don't even care about my chocolate treat tonight.

It's just been a stressful day and rather than eating my feelings, I just didn't overeat.

I'm looking forward to my massage tonight AND my new cross necklace will be here tomorrow! I'm so excited for it. Now getting it on with my nails will be tricky

I'm really looking forward to my workout tomorrow!
This could be just my my bad mood thinking but I'm afraid I'm going to obsess over fitness. I obsessed with wanting become skinny for so long that when I left the anorexic site I felt lost. Then I decided to workout and now I think I'm going to obsess over it.

Oh well, I need something to think about lol
So I didn't work out this morning. I was just too tired, so I will tomorrow, no matter how I feel. All I have to do is show up and move.

I did pace this morning tho and through out the day (20000 steps) and I had a little relaps where I tried to restrict to 1200. I got too hungry and snapped out of it and enjoyed a couple snacks! I feel better now.

I noticed without working out in the morning (I even only did 20 mins on my treadmill) I was grumpy today. So I don't want that happening again!
So I haven't had a good day really. I've been anxious all day and right now as I'm waiting for my hubs to come home, I'm shaky and feel very nervous over when to start supper. So I asked if he can pick up kfc... bad me..but I'm just too anxious to cook. If he says no, I'll still feel better knowing when he's gonna be home and when I can cook supper.
Hubs will be late but he said yes to kfc. I snacked on some chocolate...bad me... I'm stress eating. But, I only had 3 small chocolates and stopped. I didn't let it turn into a binge, so yay me!
Oiy, it's 7:45 and hubs still isn't home. Oh well, soon enough.

My necklace didn't show up today, hopefully tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to my workout. I'm actually going to quit strength training and add a simple 10 min zumba workout! I want to get into high intensity zumba videos. I just love cardio compared to strength training.