Toning Ball Overhead Triceps Press on the Exercise Ball

Ninguno Hombros (deltoides) Triceps

This is a good triceps exercise using the stability ball and toning balls.


  1. You can use small hand weights instead of the toning balls for this exercise. Sit upright on a chair or stability ball. Lift the weights over and behind your head. Keep your back straight.

  2. Your elbows should remain parallel to your ears throughout this exercise. Slowly straighten your elbows and reach your hands to the ceiling. Repeat this exercise 10 - 12 times, rest, then repeat the exercise sequence if desired. no se hace responsable de las lesiones que puedan ocurrir como resultado de estos ejercicios, consejos o recetas que se muestran en este sitio web. No realice ningún programa de ejercicio, dieta o tratamiento proporcionado por el sitio sin supervisión profesional o calificada.