Weight Loss Diary 2017 - Goal 1-0-5


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I'm back to the drawing board with 31 lbs to lose - again, lol, sigh.

So I was down to 105 - which wasn't bad. What happened in between?

Grad School - bad eating
Job Hunt Stress- bad eating
Life-sucking job (job #1) - bad eating
Working for a food company (job #2) + long commute- bad eating
Depression - bad eating
Heartbreak (really bad) - bad eating
Health issue - vestibular neuritis - lack of exercise
Overall lack of exercise

Between all of the above, I gained whatever weight I had lost back. Now I am back to square one.

I have signed up for a gym close to work. I have signed up for exercise classes. I need to keep my eating in check and voila I want to drop 31 lbs within 3 months. This is my goal.

I will keep my diary up-to-date as much as possible - but I need help from this forum and that's why I am back. I am not the best at keeping up with online relationship but I will support people as much as I can. I hope this works.
CW: 136.6 lbs
GW: 105 lbs
I have been exercising for the past two days. My diet could still improve. Will keep chugging along. I'm going to weigh in on Monday.
SW: 138 lbs

Seems like I gained a bit from my last visit.

It's OK, today I have had:
1 banana 100 cals
1 coffee with milk and sugar 50 cals
1 salad with chicken - 250 cals
1 teaspoon salad dressing 70 - I should wean myself off this

Total so far: 470 cals

Need to hit the gym before I go home. Eat 1 snack and 1 dinner and then I am done.
I have eaten absolute crap today because I was working from home and stressed so I am sure that I will not weigh in tomorrow at what I weigh in today.

Today I weighed in at 133.4lbs

I've managed to lose some weight this week because I have had a crummy week. I lost the person I loved to someone else. Last week I found out that my ex (who yes, I am still in contact with), has been seeing someone else. We were on and off and friends for nearly 6 years until he moved to the U.S. He is also part of a successful start-up with the potential of making millions$$. It stings. It hurts. It feels so unfair. Life feels unfair.

But I also know I have to pick myself back up and I need to look forward. There are a lot of things I need to fix and there are a lot of battles I need to fight and a lot of hills I need to climb and I cannot look at what used to be. But it hurts and it saddens me and to be honest, I am surprised at my own reaction. I wish it didn't hurt. I've been on and off this forum for 10 years now and it sucks that I still haven't found the right one. But maybe the One above is giving me time to fix myself before I do find the right person. Maybe.
Definitely weighed in higher on the weekend at 135.4 lbs - back to the gym tomorrow. Will be good.