The 21 Day Club

I am england too, sorry sometimes you forget that the world wide web as people from all over on it!!
Yes it's quite an international bunch here :) Looking forward to following your diary if you do choose to start one.

Day 1 Wednesday - done
I did the normal 16 tracks of zumba and drank 1 litre of water.
Lovely Omega!

well done for getting your day 12 done.
Thanks Omega--i wasn't sure what the protocol would be when I missed that one day--i wondered if I should start over with Day 1 or just move along. I decided to just move along :)
Day 13 complete--20 minutes piano and stretching :)
Well I missed day 14 and probably will miss day 15 too...i think i'm out if the club! Just not up to the challenge right now!
Hope you two fare better than me!
Liza - we'll be sorry to lose you... We all miss the odd day as we are only human. Remember that it is good for your sense of well-being to set aside a little time for yourself. I hope that things go better soon and also hope that you manage to do your music even if you do not feel like stretching.

Isola - 16 tracks is exhausting - but it certainly is fun... I normally end up red and sweaty and grinning from ear to ear... If I'm honest I've included a couple of slower ones in the playlist (just like they do in the classes) and a couple that focus on balance... Have you tried zumba?

I managed to miss day 2 Thursday in the stupidest way possible... I did 16 tracks of zumba and still had a quarter of a litre of water in my water bottle. I then rushed off to a pilates class - putting the water bottle in my bag... I only had a couple of mouthfuls while we were out at the gym. I then returned home and forgot all about the water....

Day 2 Friday was done easily... It was a hot day and I took the bottle to the gym... I finished it off whilst still at the gym.
You are making me feel very lazy, you do Zumba, Pilates and go to the gym wow. I tried Zuma on the Wii many years ago, I dont think I am built for it though!!
LOL it sounds more than it is.... The gym is where the zumba and pilates is... My husband and I joined the gym and we got an instant social life where they are very safe... Friends joined too... Next week we booked in for zumba on Monday, zumba step on Wednesday, pilates on Thursday and zumba on Friday. We'll see people we know each time so there is a real win / win going on...

What makes you think that you are not built for it? You have as much right to exercise as anyone...
that's really good that you can exercise together, must make it easier and more enjoyable too!
2 destroyed knees, bad back, damaged collar bone, broken finger and both wrists, exercise is not my friend. Also being 4.5 stone overweight doesn't help!
LOL I'm more than 4.5 stone heavier than the weight I was maintaining here in 2009... And I've got a dodgy knee... And I'm aged 61....
Its certainly a good job that we go to the gym together... I do not currently dare drive there on my own... I'm still learning...
Liza - we'll be sorry to lose you... We all miss the odd day as we are only human. Remember that it is good for your sense of well-being to set aside a little time for yourself. I hope that things go better soon and also hope that you manage to do your music even if you do not feel like stretching.
Thanks Omega :) Yes I just feel like it's too much pressure to try and do something every day and I'm the conscientious type so it bothers me when i don't meet my goals. I will still be trying for both every day, just not in a formal way...most of my goals are done over an average of a week which seems to work better for me as it includes room for rest and lazy days :)
Keep up the great work. I am impressed by your consistency and motivation!!
I am looking hard for motivation, but I am struggling now!

I think that the belief that all your weight loss dreams are achievable can be quite motivating... It can be very easy to fall into the trap of thinking along the lines that it is too hard or wouldn't work for you...

You mention being 4.5 stone over your aspiration - but haven't mentioned much about yourself... How long you have been overweight, why you want to be thinner, how overweight you actually are...

Some people aspire to be simply overweight after years of being very morbidly obese...

Some people aspire to being "fashion model thin"...

For some people - they look to improve their figure, look good on the beach, feel good about themselves... I suspect that their motivation comes from fashion magazines... I have always thought that slimming clubs had a good track record for people with one or two stones to lose. I never had much faith in their ability with larger amounts...

Some people simply want things like back pain to ease and hope that some weight loss will help.

All are achievable...

My husband and I were shocked into motivation... He had a major health incident in February which has affected his eyesight and has stopped him from being allowed to drive. We were scared into taking action - as to what the outcome of the next incident would be... He has lost 6 stone since then and I have lost 3 stone... All through lockdown when we were only allowed to leave the house once a day - we were getting up at 6am and going out for walks... He was walking as far as he could and then I was popping in to reset the toilet clock and continuing my walk to walk as far as I could. We were avoiding shops as we are sole carers for my mother who is nearly 98... We only got healthy food delivered - so that is what we ate...

That's where mine currently comes from...
Its a few days since I last posted - all have been fully on track. Zumba done and water drank.

Day 3 Saturday done at home 16 tracks
Day 4 Sunday done at home 16 tracks
Day 5 Monday done at the gym in a proper class
Day 6 Tuesday done at home 16 tracks
Day 7 Wednesday done at home 16 tracks
Day 8 Thursday done at home 16 tracks
i've been a couch (actually recently more time in the rocking chair) potato too much recently. going to set a mini-goal of 14 days out walking within the next 21. starting today 1 down, 20 to go. about 3 miles. i used to do 4 including the pier, but too many people not wearing face masks today. included a 4-500 foot elevation change, though.
We are sure that our early morning walks kept us sane in the full lock-down period. The exercise, the daylight, the fresh air and the rhythmic tread of footsteps can be calming too.. They all were really beneficial.

We go out walking early in the morning to get away from all the people who choose to neither wear masks or keep a distance. The problem with strangers is that you do not know how many people they are coming into contact with... If you knew that they were pretty careful it would not be such a worry. I'm sure you will enjoy your walks.
went for a lap around the block just to pace it out. i only got a chance to make the circuit once, but i estimate 1810 feet or a little over 1/3 mile (0,55km) ... is that the right way to express a fraction of a km? ... but then i caught a glimpse of my idiot neighbor coming out to walk her obnoxious dog so i diverted over to the bagel store (just for a cup of coffee...!!!) and probably finished off at maybe 3/4 mile. another thing i forgot about was being in the sun and now realize i have a pair of slightly burnt arms from yesterday. when the sun gets lower and some shade moves in, i'll go out to complete at least that first mile and probably more.

day 2... 2 down (almost), 19 days to go.
included an alternate route in my later walk and after doing the math, it turns out i added an additional mile and a quarter so i'm quite sure i walked 2 miles today. not a lot, but i'll take it. the better part is that now i have a simple route to knock off a mile without losing count of the laps i do. i hate that. when i make shortbread and have to add 10 cups of flour, i put out 10 pennies and moved them like a free-air abacus to make sure i count to 10 exactly. sounds easy... try it.
When I walk each morning I do a set route... I guess that is why my pedometer is fairly consistent for number of steps... I occasionally change things about if I need to go somewhere and walk instead and the pedometer lets me know whether it is far enough...

It sounds like you are all sorted out. Well done for getting three days done.

Day 9 Friday done - at the gym in a proper class
Day 10 Saturday done - at home 16 tracks
Water drank both days