The 180's CLUB

I am new to the forum. Looking for some people going through weight loss journey as well. At 188.7 this morning.
Hey Peachy, welcome! I spend a while in this club, and like me I am sure you will just be a passing visitor!

Cate is right, you should start a diary.

Best of luck to you!
Dipping my toe into the 180s today - so I'm having a look in...
My weight this morning was 189.75... :party:
Hello, Margaret! :) I'm here, and rather cross about it because I used to be in that place next door - but it's cheering to find such good company here!
I'm still here. 184.25 currently - been bobbing around at this weight for a while...
Anyone else here currently?
Absolutely. And without the sugar it feels a lot more possible, too.