Lingwo's Log - Take 2


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Hi everyone!

I started a log here back in October 2020. At that time, I was 203.6lbs, and made my way down to the lower 190's by early December. Unfortunately, I fell off course and am restarting my journey at 217lbs!

Since I posted here last, I've moved across the country to my home province and I just bought a home at the beginning of the month. Now that I'm more situated, I thought it would be good to restart a log here as an accountability tool to help me keep on track.

October 12, 2021

Starting Stats:

Height: 5'9
Weight: 217.0lbs

First Goal: 187lbs (-30)

Initial target macros: 169g Protein, 127g Carbs, 56g Fat
Welcome back Lingwo; a shame you have to restart at a higher number but I´m glad you´re ready to get back on track.
@Cate Thanks! Yes, I'm about a 30 minute drive from my family now. Before it was about a 50 hour drive!

@LaMaria Thanks! Hopefully I can stay on track this time.

Oct 13/21 Weight: 216.6lbs (-0.4lbs /-0.4bs)
Yesterday's Macros: 158g Protein / 113g Carbs / 62g Fats = 1642 calories

Had an ease in day yesterday. Picked up some groceries, and started logging my macros again. Today I'm struggling with limiting my carb intake. I get bad brain fog and headaches when I first cut back on carbs and I'm feeling that today. I had a hard time waking up this morning.

In other news, the furniture store called today and let me know my dining room set that was supposed to arrive today has been pushed out to January. So, I'm sitting in a house that's pretty much empty save for a mattress and a living room set. I'm really hopeful my bedroom set arrives today like it's supposed to!
Everything takes longer at the moment. Lack of shipping containers, covid, global chaos... But no furniture means more space to move around! (Sorry, looking for silver linings here...)
How long will the brain fog last? Knowing it's only for a couple of days would make it easier to deal with.
@Cate Thanks! Yes, I'm about a 30 minute drive from my family now. Before it was about a 50 hour drive!
I'm sure they would be very happy about that. We love that both of our sons live in Tasmania.
Can you change your order for the dining room set & get something that's in stock?
Today I'm struggling with limiting my carb intake. I get bad brain fog and headaches when I first cut back on carbs and I'm feeling that today.

When limiting carbs, increasing electrolytes helps to offset brain fog and headaches. When you cut carbs, you loose water weight and with that you loose a lot of electrolytes which need to be replenished.
@LaMaria normally the brain fog lasts for a week or two. Though my carb intake was a little higher yesterday and now I feel fine again.

@Cate it's really good to be closer to family! It's not something you can replace. I convinced the furniture store to replace the piece I was supposed to get for a new piece arriving in November. There isn't much furniture stocked here due to manufacturing issues it seems.

@Trusylver Good advice. I used to have electrolyte mix and had a lot of Gatorade 0 on hand to replenish these. I should probably grab some again.

Oct 14/21 Weight: 217.4lbs (+0.8lbs /+0.4bs)
Yesterday's Macros: 107g Protein / 153g Carbs / 67g Fats = 1643 calories

I upped the carbs a little yesterday, but missed my protein goal. The scale is up - but I'm not too concerned yet. Hoping this is just normal fluctuation.

All going well, I'll start back at the gym tomorrow morning before work. There's a gym that's less than a 5 minute drive away - so there's not much of an excuse there.
Oct 15/21 Weight: 216.6lbs (-0.8lbs /-0.4bs)
Yesterday's Macros: 142g Protein / 134g Carbs / 54g Fats = 1590 calories

Woke up this morning and made it to the gym, I'm pretty happy I went. I did a pretty short workout of back, biceps, and some cardio. Tomorrow I'm heading on an overnight trip to a friends housewarming out of town. That will be a good test for me.

I think I'll set my first goal that I would like to be back in the 190s by Christmas.
That´s a lofty goal! Great to hear you made it to the gym though. That should give you a boost for staying on track while celebrating.
Hey Lingwo, welcome back.

I have also struggled since you were last here. Let's keep after this together!

What your weight is now is a lot less important than getting started. You are good!
I'm at 215.6 this morning, so 1.4lbs down since Oct 12. ... it's going in the right direction.
Hey Lingwo, I had to take a few words out of the quote. I think you are doing great, just getting restarted is great! And losing some weight in the first week or so is lagniappe!

Stick with it and you will do fine! That's what I am trying to do right now as well, trying is what matters most.
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Dec 12/21 Weight: 212.4lbs (-5.2lbs /-5.6bs)

Hi everyone, down 5.2lbs since my last post. Still only down 5.6lbs since October 12. So I've been losing at a pretty slow pace of 0.7lbs/week

Despite the slow weight loss, I have gotten back into some better routines. So far in December I've gone to the gym 7/12 days. I missed 3 days due to being on a business trip out of town, and 2 due to a snowstorm. I started tracking my workouts on November 17. In the remaining 14 days in November, I made it to the gym 11 times with two of the three misses being due to business travel. My workout split has been push/pull/legs and ending each session with some cardio.

I'm hoping there's going to be a whoosh coming before Christmas. It would be nice to get out of the 210's.

In non-weight related news, things have still been busy modernizing the house I bought in October. I've got an interesting week upcoming as I'm interviewing for a role with a new company that would have me moving to Europe. The role is really cool, but it would be a pain having to rent my Canadian house from a different continent. I guess we will see what happens!
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Sounds like a lot has happened in the past two months! Kudos to you for losing any weight at all during such turbulent times.
Hi, Lingwo. It sounds like the last 2 months have been productive. The new job sounds interesting. Here, real estate agents handle most of the problems associated with renting out your house, but of course at a fee. It would be an easy option.