Lingwo's Log - Take 2

Mar 4/23
195.4lbs (-1.6lbs / -21.6lbs)
BF%: 24.3% (-0.4% / -4.4%)
BMI: 28.9 (-0.3 / -3.0)

The scale moved decently this week. This is the lowest weight I've been now since fall of 2020.

Still getting my next job sorted. I had a promotion offer to stay here and continue working remote, and two offers in London. The San Diego role went silent. I'm in crunch time to figuring out what I should do. Part of me would like to stay in Canada and try to find someone to settle down with who is comfortable with living here - I'm 31 now, so not getting younger in terms of starting a family. But still, part of me would like to live in London and explore Europe.

I did make an offer to one of the hiring managers yesterday. If they could swing me to be on a 4:4 rotation, working 4 weeks in London and 4 weeks in Canada at a time. That way, I could have my cake and eat it too a bit. If that counter doesn't work out, it'll be a tough decision this week.
Best of luck with decision-making. The good thing is that both are good options so you can't really make a mistake here.
Wow, that sounds really exciting. You sound highly sought-after so maybe you’ll get your wish. It will definitely help to expand your dating pool, haha! And I definitely think London has a lot more singletons in their 30s.
You do sound in demand. It will be interesting to see what pans out for you. I hope you find the love of your life, wherever she may be :)
Oct 20/23
196.0lbs (+0.6lbs / -21.0lbs)
BF%: 24.3% (-0.0% / -4.4%)
BMI: 28.9 (-0.0 / -3.0)

It's been a minute since I posted here. The good news is I haven't really gained any material weight, and I've been training pretty hard so my body composition seems to be improving. But, I'm now recommitted to cutting weight again - hopefully down to 175lbs before I start to bulk again. But, will let the mirror decide on that!

On a life update -

I'm now 32!

I took a new role that allowed me to stay in Canada. And, with the new money decided to go and buy a new house - so I'm sorted here for a while. If I do decide to move in the future, I think I'll rent this place out so I always have a landing ground if I choose to move back.

Dated someone from April until last month, but it wasn't really working for me; so, I'm back in the pool again. Live and learn!

Yesterday I decided to be a bit spontaneous and booked a flight over to Dublin in November. Scratch the travel itch, as my new job has a lot less business travel than my old one. Who knows, maybe I'll bump into @Emilyrose

Will try to post here more frequently again as I try to finally break into the 180s.

Adding a photo of me at 196:

Thanks for the update. 2023 sounds like a good year for you. You never know if a relationship will work if you don't get out there & live. Good news about your new house & your planned trip to Dublin!
Thanks @Cate and @Llama - having an outlet to post is good sometimes. Weight loss isn't something I talk about consistently with my friends.

Oct 23/23
193.8lbs (-2.2lbs / -23.2lbs)
BF%: 24.0% (-0.3% / -4.7%)
BMI: 28.7 (-0.2 / -3.2)

193.8 is the lowest weight I've been since some time in 2019. When I set this thread up, my initial goal weight was 187 - so I think that it's possible to get there by the end of 2023. I'm only 6.8lbs away!

Had an okay weekend, but the weather is getting pretty grey and will be until April or so. I'm not a fan of this time of year.
Almost exactly 10 weeks to lose 6.8 pounds. The last ones are always the hardest but that does sound very doable!
6.8 lbs in that time is so doable. Being in Tasmania we are at my favourite time of the year- Spring! I joined the forum initially as I didn't want to talk about weight loss with my friends or workmates. I just wanted to do it. The forum was very supportive.
Nov 30/23
190.6lbs (-3.2lbs / -26.4lbs)
BF%: 23.3% (-0.7% / -5.4%)
BMI: 28.2 (-0.5 / -3.7)

I had been stuck at a plateau for a long time. Took a gym break while I travelled (went to London instead of Dublin), and I think that helped move things along again. I got back to Canada on Monday, and on Tuesday got a half sleeve tattoo! So taking time off the gym until Saturday to give the tattoo a few days to heal.

Hopefully now that the scale is moving it will keep going and I'll finally make it into the 180s.
Congratulations on breaking through the plateau! Pic of the new tattoo?
Thanks! I'm so excited for the 180's.

It's in a second skin right now, hence the shine! It's my first tattoo - based on an old 1500s map by a Dutch explorer!

Does that have a special meaning for you? Our son's tattoos read like a history of his life. His first was of a Marine Iguana who sat on his shoulder on the Galapagos Islands on his first overseas trip.
Well done on being almost in the 180s!
Does that have a special meaning for you? Our son's tattoos read like a history of his life. His first was of a Marine Iguana who sat on his shoulder on the Galapagos Islands on his first overseas trip.
Well done on being almost in the 180s!
I love that concept for your son - more creative than mine haha.

I've been to 35 countries so far, so the map kind of ties in with my passion for seeing new places; I like that it's an early map drawn by an explorer. This particular map is representative of some islands in Indonesia, which is the first country I travelled to outside of Canada.
That's looking so cool! You're looking very fit as well :)
Thanks! I've been working hard on it, but November was way better than December for gym and nutrition.

Dec 14/23
189.6lbs (-1.0lbs / -27.4lbs)
BF%: 23.1% (-0.2% / -5.6%)
BMI: 28.1 (-0.1 / -3.8)

Slow and steady!
Slow & steady is much better for you long-term. I wish I had done that years ago! It must be hard to try to lose weight while maintaining muscle.
Mar 15/24
186.0lbs (-3.6lbs / -31.0lbs)
BF%: 22.3% (-0.8% / -6.4%)
BMI: 27.6 (-0.5 / -4.3)

It's been 3-months! But, I'm still super gradually moving in the right direction.

I started the year strength training 45 of the first 74 days. I think that's good considering winter is normally my least consistent months when I have a hard time from gaining weight. Over the past week I've started incorporating cardio again, and I joined a Running Club that begins tomorrow.

I've also reached my Phase 1 goal of 187 finally! Next phase goal is 170lbs!
It's great to hear you're doing so well. Thanks for the update!