Don't try this at home

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Think I have sorted myself out a decent route. Google maps reckons it's 3.1 miles one way so return should be around 6.2, hopefully means I do 3 x 10km runs a week.
Forgot to put on this post that my lungs feel decidedly overinflated to the point my ribs were complaining. There are reasons people choose moderate intensity training, this could be one of them.
I had to work this out when you asked, consider this is based on my target not actual, but I am getting close to it. Timmons is 20 second fast 2minutes more moderate. My 20 second sprint has a target pace of 5 minutes a mile, so with me running 1/15th of this time, it works out at 107 metres each sprint. Roughly translated to I suck at sprinting. Of course the fun part is recovering while still keeping a pace of 9:20 a mile between each sprint. By all means correct the figures if I have messed up the calculation. the time and pace are right.

Ironically that reminds me I keep meaning to find the weight limit of a bosu. Me with weight is over 200kg that has to be getting close to it.
Just checked and Bosu site and says maximum trainer weight is 350 pounds, which is just under 160kg.
Currently squatting with 110kg and weigh just over 82.5kg, giving a total of just under 425 pounds planning to use 120kg which would take it to just over 446 pounds but may have to rethink as this is almost 100 pounds over the recommended limit. I shall see.
Today's run will be great fun.
This is the first time I have had proper DOMS in a long time. Had 2+ day aches most weeks but not had an instance where the following day was pain free in an area and the 2nd day was agony in some time.
Of all areas this is effecting the core right up into the area on both sides and back in the lower rib cage, just where the increased breathing from running will impact.
Normal system of ignore it and go anyway will be implemented of course but at the moment it is hurting to be sat upright so this will be interesting.
Nice cooling rain out there might help with this, I'll see.
Noticing this forum seems to be dying a death. A lot of the posts have always been ads but I think it's going a step too far proportionately.

If anyone wants me I can still be contact via PM or my blog.
The actual people I have encountered here have been great but I think it's time to depart.
That's fair enough. There's very few of us who are regulars, noobies rarely stick around, and yeah, lots of spambots.