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meanwhile the US ordered 300 million doses (with a population of 330 million and 3 already approved vaccines)...
meanwhile the US ordered 300 million doses (with a population of 330 million and 3 already approved vaccines)...
i hear the U.S. is going to ship vaccine to Canada and Mexico soon. i have a feeling this administration definitely has our world view in mind again. i will be stunned if we don't hear about shipments going to other countries shortly. the U.S. has a large chore to mend foreign relations that have been for the most part disrespected, ignored and/ or defunded the past four years. this is a golden opportunity to get us back on track.
i hear the U.S. is going to ship vaccine to Canada and Mexico soon. i have a feeling this administration definitely has our world view in mind again.

I'm a bit more skeptical. It was only after reports the EU was pausing AZ due to blood clotting that Biden announced a plan to "loan" 4 million doses, combined, of its 7 million dose stockpile of astrazeneca to Canada and Mexico.

The US has purchased (though not yet received all) 300 million of the 2 shot astrazeneca, 300 million of the 2 shot pfizer, 300 million of the 2 shot moderna, and 100 million of the 1-shot J&J - enough to fully vaccinate 550 million people (over 200 million more full vaccinations than the US population).

The Biden administration is responsible for purchasing 200 million of those 2 shot doses (100 each from moderna & pfizer), the rest were purchased under Trump largely before we knew which vaccines, if any, would be effective.
Trump may be good at spending other people's money, but no plan to actually vaccinate people ever existed until Biden's team started literally from scratch. we will probably never know the extent to which Biden saved lives, but it was hard to ignore the huge exhale that engulfed this entire country when he took over, set goals, got people out into the field to get the work done and finally set the example this country needed and which comes naturally to a leader.
In the UK, a decision was made at the start of this year to change the gap between 1st and 2nd jab from 3 weeks to 12 weeks. The justification was that many vaccines work better with a longer gap between jabs so it would enable more people to get the protection of a first jab to try to cut the numbers.

My area was already in lockdown - but the rest of the country went into lockdown then. Hospitals were having difficulty in coping. We have done a lot of vaccination since then - but are still in lockdown.
Since then - we have seen a big improvement in the situation here.

Further research has taken place - especially regarding Astra Zeneca which is the main vaccine being used here. It has transpired that things work out better with the longer gap.

AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine doses have better efficacy when given 12 weeks apart, study finds (

Astra Zeneca was developed at Oxford University here and is the only one being manufactured here.
... Astra Zeneca was developed at Oxford University here and is the only one being manufactured here.
sadly it appears that social media is once again at it by letting rumors about the AZ vaccine and blood clots run rampant. after any misinformation starts to spread it seems almost impossible to have any valid information believed. look at what is happening with the Trump "stolen election lawyers"... because they are now getting sued they are claiming "we assumed no reasonable person would believe us", yet PEOPLE STILL BELIEVE THEIR LIES.
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2nd day after the 2nd Pfizer shot and I am feeling no effects. I was more tired than usual yesterday afternoon, could be vaccine related, but maybe not. All in all I have faired quite well, no side effects from the first, and little to none from the second.

I hope we do get enough vaccine to ship some to Canada and Mexico soon, that would be a good thing. Not just for political reasons, but also the sooner our neighbors and friends are protected, the safer we will be. This is one place I do not fault the government's spending $$. Even if it turns out to be a bit excessive.
Astra Zeneca is a great vaccine. It is particularly successful in taming the virus such that anyone who catches it that has been jabbed is highly unlikely to need hospitalisation. It has cut other statistics too so our numbers are improving daily as more people are vaccinated. We are hoping to soon get out of lockdown. Currently the non-essential shops are shut, people are working from home if they can and should stay in the local area.

The AZ vaccine not only works well - but it is committed to being sold at cost price, which sets a line in the sand so that their competitors cannot hold the world to a financial ransom.

Much of the negative publicity regarding AZ is of political origins....

Boris did an abysmal job regarding the virus last year - but has done well regarding the vaccination program. He invested early in a lot of vaccines while they were in development and it was uncertain whether any of them would ever work. No-one could have predicted that we would have gone from NO proven vaccines (as we were only a few months ago) to having an array of vaccines to choose from.

Since AZ was the "home team" we had factories set up early and producing vaccine for when things got approved.

The EU dragged its feet in comparison. They decided that they wanted to form a group for ordering vaccines (probably thought that they could cut a better deal if they bought in bulk) and they did not invest or sign contracts until three months after the UK. By the time that AZ got approved in the EU - their factories were still not up and running. People have been sent over to the EU to try to iron out glitches that got resolved months ago here.

EU leaders got envious and seemed to think that we should send them the AZ vaccine that we had made - as they saw that our vaccination program was up and running. The fact that we had a worse problem than they had didn't seem to matter. We are not part of the EU any more...

EU leaders then started rubbishing the AZ jab - I suspect in order to divert their own population from wanting a vaccine that they didn't have available.

They started by saying that it was inappropriate for over 65s. Macron said that it was worse than useless for them.

We were vaccinating big numbers with AZ - and had started with our oldest people.

Eventually they had to concede that it worked well for the over 65s and did a u-turn on that.

Then came the blood clot rubbish.

It is more anti AZ propaganda from the EU politicians - and it is contrary to the advice of their own health experts.
Much of the negative publicity regarding AZ is of political origins....
Probably all of it, from what I can see there is no real known difference between AZ and Pfizer and probably the others, people should get what they can get.

I got Pfizer, but was not given a choice. Had I been I would not have had a preference. Sure wish we could take the politics out of this.
I certainly wish that the politics could be removed too. The bottom line is that everyone wants everyone to be vaccinated, and as quickly as possible.

I was not given a choice either - but thought that it was more than likely that it would be AZ. The fact that the supply can come from this country without the need to import, the much larger supply, the much cheaper price and the fact that it could be stored in a fridge meant that the odds were so much in that direction. It is so sad that EU leaders have rubbished it so much that some people (many in the EU) are too scared to have it. Mass vaccination is the route out of this pandemic. I have heard of countries allowing vaccine to go out of date.

The insane thing is that people who are too scared of blood clots and refusing AZ because of it are more than happy for birth control pills to be available with dramatically higher blood clot risks.

Blood clots are actually fairly common anyway. My husband has been in hospital twice in the past 3.5 years because of blood clots. Standard high risk factors include obesity, a sedentary lifestyle and pregnancy. A nurse friend posted this week that the risk of blood clots with pregnancy is 1-2 in 1,000.
I have heard of countries allowing vaccine to go out of date
That is awful, at this point any of the vaccines are better than no vaccine. Enough people have safely had the AZ shot for us to know that blood clotting and other problems are exceedingly rare, if they exist at all. The same can't be said for contracting the virus...
I got pfizer dose #2 this morning & the only initial discomfort came a bit later from removing the band-aid. But a little fatigue set in a couple hours later so I took an afternoon nap (very unusual). When I woke up my arm was a bit sore and a small lump developed underneath the injection site.

So far these are similar to the side effects of dose #1 and I hope that is where it stays. Anecdotally it seems like Moderna #2 causes the most illness-like symptoms, but I do still hear reports of extended fatigue, fever, chills, etc from some folks after pfizer #2...
24 hours later and things are looking good. The fatigue is gone and the arm soreness has lessened. I can no longer feel the lump at the injection site.
48+ hours after pfizer #2 and all signs of fatigue are gone. Everything feels normal until I lift my arm above my head at which point I feel slight soreness at the injection site.

12 more days until 95% immunity - can't wait to start swimming...
became a "booster" club member 2 days ago.
same reaction as the first two... slight soreness at the injection site... now, two days later, it's gone.

"I had COViD, so i don't need a vaccination"
i'm getting tired of hearing this lie.
from University of Nebraska Medical Center...

The data is clear: Natural immunity is not better. The COVID-19 vaccines create more effective and longer-lasting immunity than natural immunity from infection.
  • More than a third of COVID-19 infections result in zero protective antibodies
  • Natural immunity fades faster than vaccine immunity
  • Natural immunity alone is less than half as effective than natural immunity plus vaccination
I became a booster member a couple of weeks ago. Got my Pfizer booster at the same time as my flu shot. So did my wife. I had a sore arm and felt a bit weak for a day or so, but it passed quickly. She had a bit more of a reaction, but nothing serious. No way of knowing if the reaction was to the Covid and/or flu shots.

Both my wife and I got the first two shots a few months ago, then about 6 weeks back both of us developed Covid symptoms. We both got tested, she was positive and I was negative. We both got retested, same result. Her symptoms were worse than mine, but pretty much we both had the symptoms. Can't explain the test results... Her symptoms were certainly not as bad as they could have been. I want to attribute our mild symptoms to the vaccine, and maybe my negative test too. But who knows. Did not keep us from getting the booster.IMG_2571.JPG