Club 160s

Thanks for the watermelon cake LaMa, I like that!

Its Monday and day one of my weigh in and it looks like I will be down again. Interesting that I can up my eating and still be losing weight. I will give it another week and if the weight loss continues I may up my calories again.

We will see what Wednesday brings.
Yay, more food for Rob! (I'm starting to feel a little mean about my happiness every time you add more calories but I promise it's joy in how well you're doing rather than a sadistic pleasure in your discomfort.)
Thanks LaMa, nothing mean about you!

161 this morning, I am really surprised that I seem to be loosing as much weight at this calorie level as when lower. Is my metabolism just keeping up with the calorie increase? I will give this one more week then go up again.

I may not be long for this club.
Hey Nelly!

I think I will still be here this week, not losing weight as of today. Given my 4 lb loss last week that is no surprise.
...I may not be long for this club.

good to see you fly through this club.
i'm still a bit over 5' 11", so i think i found my home range here.

been a little better in keeping to a 16/8 IF recently ... for a few weeks or so, i was bumping up (or down ... depends how you look at it) to a lot of 12/12 days. two problems there... a shorter fasting time... and TOO MUCH time to eat... :)


this is still probably an artificial low, but it was good to see 166 after being MIA for a while.

really goes to reinforce my opinion of nighttime snacking. similar to what i was doing, when i just cut out that last meal/ snack of the day, it had an almost immediate effect on my weight or at least turned around a growing bad habit. i think the root of the problem is not sticking to a consistent schedule. most days i try to eat breakfast at noon, but a few days it started at 10am and then yesterday, i was so busy i didn't realize it was 3pm by the time i got a chance to think about food. add to that my poor memory and you can see the bigger problem.
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i'm still a bit over 5' 11", so i think i found my home range here.
That makes sense, you are a bit taller than I. I am begining to think that the 150 club might be the best place for me long term, not sure yet though. And I have to get there.

This morning no loss, in fact a little gain but not really much change. We'll see what Wednesday brings.
i might add... i wouldn't worry about rebounding a bit. i got myself down to 158 or so, but i could feel that wasn't sustainable at the activity level i normally have. it worried me to creep up a bit, but i've pretty much held to the mid-high 160's for quite some time now. i occasionally catch a glimpse of 170-ish, but often those are explainable and usually triggers some minor diet repair. i still have the occasional pizza, pastrami on rye & Chinese takeaway.

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Still here, actually up 2 lbs to 162. Not a bad thing, I could be happy here!

Thanks Flyer, you give me a good picture of what my maintenance should look like. Or I hope it does anyway. You have done really well.
I am still in the low 160s, mostly bouncing between about 161 and 163. For now that will be my maintenance so I may be here a while.

I have decided to stop posting my "official" weight and just post my first thing in the morning weight to the weigh yourself every day thread ( ). The official weight thing was helpful while I was losing, it showed mostly losses on a weekly basis without as much noise. Now I just want to see bouncing around in a range, which so far I am.

So I may become a permanent resident here, rather than a tourist! Possible I will move down to the 150s, but possible I won't, that does not matter nearly so much as stability.
decided to go back to a more strict IF. i could feel that my modifications weren't working and giving in to some early morning hunger was probably a stepping stone to breaking more of my rules. as i've always said, weight management or loss isn't that hard, but it takes a little discipline. it only took a few seconds to decide that 4am bagel was about to do so much more long term harm than it was going to be some short term enjoyment. right now i would have felt discouraged rather than triggering that feeling of a mini-accomplishment.

I was 161 this morning, up from my 160 yesterday but just a minor bounce. Think I will keep 160 as my "official" weight for a while anyway.

Welcome Topaz, always good to have a new face. Though I suspect your's won't be with us long, you are pretty close to getting into the 150s club!
Kicking this one back up to say I have one foot in the door of this club :) Hope to be here properly next week.
i hope this tend continues, but i think i finally convinced myself that if i don't eat less than my maintenance calories, no amount of intermittent fasting is going to burn any fat. so far the half-meal idea seems to be working. i think i've just gotten used to eating more this past year. my best move so far is to cut way back on my first meal of the day, aka breakfast... yesterday all i had was that pluot.