Cate's Diary

Thanks, everyone!
I had a great night's sleep & don't feel exhausted any more. The nights are much cooler now & it's nice to snuggle under the blankets. It's almost time to bring out the doona!
We got down to Hobart just as the twins were being dropped off at C's by their Dad, so we got to wish them happy birthday before the party. C had hired a hall next to their school & there were 42 kids! Their dad has a sideline as a DJ so he did a kiddy version during the party. It was fairly loud but he had it well organised & the kids had a ball. We met more of C's family & friends & we were both so happy to have been included in the festivities. It was great fun. We had a quiet night back at C's afterwards (minus kids) & next day C started preparations for the kids to move into separate rooms as their birthday present. Someone bought their bunk beds & she came & removed them. After lunch C went & picked up a KS bunk with a desk & wardrobe underneath that was partially assembled but looked like a nightmare to put together. I suggested we have a go at assembling it. It took 4 of us over 4 hours but we did it. It was a difficult thing to do as we only had about a 5cm gap where it was to fit in, but it felt like a huge achievement. C & her mum were going to do it during the week after work, but it would have been impossible. We were utterly exhausted afterwards but the feeling was so good.
While we were sitting down, about half an hour after finishing we were trying to work out why one of the blinds wasn't working properly & looked very wrong. R then went over to it. reached up & rolled it over & hey presto, it was fixed. It had been like it for 2 months. It had been over-extended.
In the morning I had stopped a drawer from coming open that really annoys them both. It was a simple, silly temporary solution but they were both surprised that they hadn't thought of it.

I love how well we get along with C & how we are included in her family celebrations. We have now met her Mum & stepdad & had dinner at their house, her ex & his mother, her aunties, her half-sister & her BF & many of her friends. I got a friend request from one of her friends who we knew from 8-ball decades ago when our kids were young. I just accepted it. She loves that C is about her age as the other mothers are mostly 10 years younger. She's super friendly.

Our friend, K, is now home & doing well. He has lots of medication. We decided not to visit on our way home yesterday as it's too soon.

Archie was happy to see us but he has no problems with these kennels. He had happily walked off when we dropped him off.

G has just left for vets golf & I am staying home for a rest day. Yay! I'm playing with the women tomorrow & have lined up to play with T.
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That bunk sounds similar to the jigsaw puzzle bunk we assembled for little miss.
The twins party sounds so festive and great for them. It's wonderful you get to be a part of their festivities and have young children in your lives again! The bed assembly sounds like something from a comedy - I can't imagine something that small that takes 4 people 4 hours. Wonderful Archie likes the kennels, too. That must be so nice to know he is happy while you are away. Hope you have a wonderful time with T golfing. I'm so happy the golfing is working out so well and you are surrounding yourself in positive people!
How wonderful that you guys fit so seamlessly into C's family! It sounds like both a lovely and a productive weekend, which is the best combination.
Glad the weekend went so well and yes, so nice that all the family seems to blend so well! I love when families can just keep expanding like that and meet together happily rather than having everyone divide up into separate camps.
I hope you have a nice rest day at home!
It was a wonderful weekend & it feels special that we can feel a part of C's family. I would not want to put anything like that bunk bed together again.
It's almost time to leave for golf. It's chilly here this morning. Daylight savings end in a week. The days are drawing in.
We are having the opposite - so cold this morning, and then 80 F (26.66C), then chilly evening. I'll miss the cold. Happy golfing!!
We are having the opposite - so cold this morning, and then 80 F (26.66C), then chilly evening. I'll miss the cold. Happy golfing!!
Chilly mornings here as well. Yesterday as I walked to work I noticed the cars had ice on them!
It ended up being a nice day, weather-wise. I don't know. Maybe it's me. I don't enjoy playing with the women. I get cranky. It's hard to explain. I have to work it out for myself. I am committed to playing with T, for 2 weeks in April, but after that, I'll play with whoever I feel like playing with. I don't feel like I belong.
G & I are playing with one of the vets in the last "chook run" of the season tomorrow.
I'm glad you can play with the vets and work around the weird issues with the women. I watch this guy on YouTube who always says, "Go where you're treated best!"
I think playing golf on your own terms without having to work out all the why's of it is totally a good move. It's nice you have options!
Thanks, Llama, Marsia & Liza. I feel better after another good night's sleep. I almost always feel out of sorts after playing with the women. I think I have always felt more comfortable with men. I'm not sure why that is. I'll try not to overthink it.
I hope you don't worry about what the judge-y women think of you. You are wonderful, and if they can't see that, it's entirely their loss!!
I had a good day today. I played golf with G & 2 other guys (I drove one of them around in my cart). I played well & have ended up winning a chook. I got the second-best score of the day. I took Arch for a walk this afternoon & also harvested hundreds of walnuts. It was a pleasant, active day.
I had a 487 cal deficit :)
Harvesting walnuts sounds so peaceful and celebratory of autumn, and they are so good fresh! I love that you've become an honorary vet and have a new golfing group now!!
Thanks, Vic, Llama, Marsia & Liza. It was a lovely day. This year we have had one of our best crops of walnuts. I have filled 2 large cane baskets. There would be thousands. I'll harvest the mountain pepper berries soon.
I woke at about 6 this morning & was thinking about how much weight I would like to lose this year. If I lost 1 kg a month that would be 9 kg, which is only 1/4 of what I lost in 6 months back in 2007. That was an average of 9 kg a month! I should be able to do it. 1 kg a month. I lost 1 kg this month, without really trying & I plan to lose another 9. I will have at least 10 kg to lose after that but I'm not thinking about that yet.
I had "Because I'm happy" in my head when I woke. That is so catchy!
Losing 10 kg (9 plus the one you already lost) makes a huge difference, whether it gets you to your ultimate goal or not. 9 a month would be scarily, unhealthily fast. No wonder some part of your brain has a fear of letting you lose consistently again! But you're a lot more experienced now and you will get there, the happy and healthy way.