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Decided to go with the cup diet plan I like. 5 to 6 cups is 1400 to 1680 calories. I have so many other things to calculate every day. This simplifies things and 5 to 6 cups is less to track then 1500 calories. And I know my cups are rarely over 280 calories. For now until I get used to to all the other things like fibre and water and carbs and insulin. Gesh it's all tiring.
Great to go with a plan that you know fits well for you--sounds like a good plan!
So today's was---

2 cups of a canned pasta
2 cups of boiled pureed eggs with mayo added. (Which I did have to figure out at least for the first time so I know for after this). (Which looks to be 5 eggs and 2 tbsp mayo)
1 cup of mint hot chocolate I got as a Xmas gift.
It may be under the 1500 but it's OK because a different day may turn out to be more.
Well I guess the last of the 3 different meats I eat/ate is done for. Yesterday I had a nice chicken meal with the family Yesterday and have had the runs since! That's worse than the beef/pork. I know its not the other things I had - stuffing, because I've had it many times with no issues.

So today there's 2 bananas that need eaten so I'm having them with pb. I guess a can of soup later.
If my tummy feels any better.

Gracious what's next? I already have so many food limitations. On the hunt for a low carb protein source now i guess. Maybe cottage cheese and more pb. Maybe canned beans with a huge needle. Ouch.
I eat potatoes now sometimes to reduce the salt load from canned foods. But that adds to the carb load. So one hurts bp the other hurts bs. No win there really.
There's not going to ever be an answer.
My best advice to others is
Never ever never let yourself get fat. It's there to stay if you do.
Up 4 pounds from last Fri.
It seems that somehow I eat too much. The only thing I know how to do is eat less. But less than 1500? I'm so screwed.
Need to decide what to do now. I can't let any weight gain continue.
Maybe add in some fasting? I had a dr suggest eating only between noon and 8 pm.
Maybe I'm eating too late at night even if not too many calories? I have read that it doesn't matter as long as calories aren't too much but also read that it can make a difference. So who knows.
But then again I had 2 drs and 1 pharmacist and 1 specialist dr say my meds will cause weight gain so maybe I can't do anything. It just isn't right to have meds. caused weight gain. I mean how can that be healthier? The meds may help whatever they were supposed to help but then you are given a new set of problems. I don't understand why that's acceptable.
So what do I do now?
Already talked to the dr about the weight going up.
Do I just take matters into my own hands and hope for a different outcome? Isn't that the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and hoping for a different outcome??
Well I never get further ahead trying so maybe just don't try?
One thing about the meds is that I feel that I've been "scared" into using them by the Dr's saying horrible things will happen if I don't take them. That was unfair of the ones to do that . So I feel I have no choice no matter the side effects or possible harm by meds. I am scared of what would happen.
Any suggestions? About the weight?
Any suggestions? About the weight?
Sorry Bluehat--no suggestions from sounds like you have a lot of layers that complicate the issue--between the meds, and the limited money and food sensitivities etc...

I hope you can be kind to yourself. You are trying your best within your circumstances. That's all a person can do.

Well I never get further ahead trying so maybe just don't try?
I do imagine that with your attempts you are at least limiting the weight I wouldn't drop trying altogether...but you have to know what's best for you...
I truly believe I won't get anywhere not being able to eat "food". Canned food isn't really food. Nor frozen or other things.
Food is needed such as 1 ingredient foods like a plain ordinary vegetable or fruit. I'm not allowed food.
I even did the calculations once on buying food with my money. I couldn't even come up with 1200 calories worth a day. Eating foods.
For an example -- a 30 calorie broccoli crown $3.
Eggs at. $4 a dozen. So 7$. Half a week
How do u spread that out.
That's just 1 example.
1/4 broccoli crown and 3 eggs each day. I don't think that comes up to a 1200 calorie minimum. But ---
Better for my health - bp and bs wise with the less salt and less carbs.
Idk maybe that's what I should do
Except not broccoli yuk.
So I guess I do what I have to do. I refuse to have someone else have to bathe me cause i ate too much!!
I do my Fri weight then decide what to do to make SURE I DONT gain anymore weight.
I took myself off the hunger weight gain causing meds.
So far I'm less hungry.
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Today's my first attempt at a white bean soup. I tried black bean last year but didn't like black beans. I tried a lentil soup. It was OK.
So really hoping the white bean one tastes OK. It's just spices and water and white beans. No broth. I soaked the beans for 2 nights first as it has to be soft and mushy. And will be in the s/c for 8 hours before I mash them.
They smell good so far anyway.
I much prefer white beans too. Hope it works out, Blue.