What I saw during my walk today


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Beautiful pics, Tru. Your daughter is adorable. I just love that pic!


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a little bit of instant karma today... i was going to post this picture of a self-entitled Mercedes owner feeling the need to take two spaces in a very busy parking lot this morning, but on the way out she drove her minty looking vehicle into the trailer hitch of that utility pick-up. of course she didn't stop, but when i went back to look at the truck there was pretty much zero damage. from what i saw of her SUV, i can't say the same. i could just imagine the story when she got home.... "but honey... it wasn't my fault... i guess someone hit me when i was parked." ... :)


cactus flowers... enjoy them when you can... they only last a day or so...

cactus flowers.jpg
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Probably a Giant Swallowtail... not certain, but I have a feeling this time of year butterflies in the area seem to be on their last legs... maybe after mating? this guy seems to have lost much of its color and it didn't move until I touched it. Think s/he was just looking for a quiet place to die.


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i know the 1st amendment protects this (i think) .... but this one was over the top for me.
yes... that's an American flag tied/ taped around the trailer hitch ... for what reason..?

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