Vic’s Weight Loss

Thanks, Cate and Llama.

151.0 lbs

Was craving carbs this morning. Went to Panera for a breakfast sandwich. Bacon, avocado, egg and cheese on one bun of the ciabatta bread.

Planning on taking a shower after I watch DOOL and go workout. Did 10 min of walking/ jogging.

Had chipotle kids meal- steak with 2 flour tortillas and corn salsa and pico.
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Thanks, Cate and Llama.

149.5 lbs!!! Finally back into the 140s!!!

Skipped breakfast. Mostly because I was busy. Late lunch of rice, kimchi, onions, and kalbi short ribs. Dinner was a slice of pizza.

Will do afternoon workout when I get home. Took my bro to Bedford this morning.

About 50 days till next PR trip!!! Have this bathing suit I want to get into.
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Thank you, Cate and Llama.

150.2 lbs!!!

Yesterday not good food choices. Today I’ll be mindful of what I eat.

Up early today and did a lot this morning.

Lunch was pizza.

This evening I walked for 30 min.

Tomorrow is my closing!!!
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150.2 lbs

Had an egg for breakfast. And another egg with egg whites for lunch. Had a string cheese mid afternoon. Dinner was some egg whites. And another string cheese. Late dinner was curry chicken breast with just a little rice. And a little cottage cheese. Before bed I had a cup of whole milk and a cup of almond milk.

Walked 30 min on treadmill. Then walked around outside area for 12 min. Walked for 5 min on treadmill until I got interrupted by my sis A to babysit her place. Did a 20 min AF Latin dance video.
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149.7 lbs

Today I woke up late.

Picked up my check. Finally done with selling the condo!!!

Today I have to go pick up my nephew to take him to martial arts. My niece has strep so she isn’t coming with me. My other sis will pick him up after his class.

Lunch was blood pudding with bread. Dinnertime I had some more. Had mozzarella stick. Will be having a glass of almond milk in awhile.
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Thanks, Cate and Llama! It was such a huge relief that my condo sold. Was worried everyday that the buyers would back out.

149.0 lbs

Today I had a piece of bread with coffee with breakfast. Dinner was 3 small baby pancakes that I made myself.

Tomorrow I think is taco night by my sis’ house.
I sometimes feel like when I relax and stop worrying about something I'll jinx myself. Useless, I know, but it's how my noggin works.
Thanks, guys.

148.3 lbs

Had a whopper jr without one bun for lunch. Breakfast was a protein shake with half scoop of chocolate protein powder, almond milk, instant coffee and Splenda.

In the afternoon we r going roller skating. Then dinner will be at prob a grill house.
I skated with my nephew last summer and omg was it so much scarier than I remembered! The skates not fitting didn't help... I hope you have a lot of fun.
Thanks. Cate, Llama, and bluehat.

148.3 lbs

Had a small serving of fries and fried breaded pork. Brother cooked.

Might do a treadmill workout late today. Did 25 min of treadmill this afternoon. Did a 10 min AF upper body strength workout.

Period is coming this week!

Dinner was just a piece of fried pork and a mozzarella stick. Late night I had a salad with arugula, tomato, red onion and cucumber with cranberries and sg poppyseed dressing.
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Thanks, Cate.

149.5 lbs

Was up early today to get lab work done at the clinic here. Babysat the twins for a couple of hours.

Breakfast was egg whites, 2 slices of bacon with onions and a baby bell cheese. Lunch was a salad of arugula, red onions, cucumber, tomato, and cranberries and feta cheese. Snack of a mozzarella stick. Dinner was a salad with arugula red onions cucumber and tomato and an airfryed bbq chicken drumstick without skin. Had a baby bell. Late night I had a chicken drumstick without skin with low cal bbq sauce.

Walked for 15 min on treadmill. Did 5 min dance. After dinner I walked for an hour on the treadmill.
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147.7 lbs!!!! Lowest weight in a very long time.

Did an hour on the treadmill this morning.

Had a large glass of almond milk this morning.

Taking my bro to Bedford for a dental cleaning. I have to force him to go. This morning he was ready to say he’s going to reschedule it. I yelled at him and said no ur going. Gets me so mad sometimes.

Got an early lunch at Bedford. Had a chefs salad- romaine, cheese, ham, turkey breast, a boiled egg, cucumbers, and tomato and red onion. Bought another one to take home with me for midafternoon when I might be hungry again.

When I came home I conked out on my couch for hours. I hope I can fall asleep tonight. Was really sore. Feeling better.

Had a glass of almond milk. And half a glass of 2% milk with Splenda. Had a wing ding.
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Sorry to hear your brother struggles to begave like an adult and you have to puck up the slack. Yay for a great drop though!
Well done on getting down to 147.7, Vic! Also well done on being such a wonderful sister & aunt. I hope your brother realises what a champ he has for a sister xo
Thanks, Llama. Thank you Cate for saying that. I hope my bro realizes that. And all the struggles that I go through for him.
I hope so too xo