Starting at 300lbs/136kgs at 5'8/170cm tall - Tykes weight loss diary

That is just the way weight loss works, mine does anyway. Comes more in spurts than regular loss on the scale. If you are in a calorie deficit you are losing fat, but water and other things can make a big difference in scale weight. For example I ate and exercised pretty much the same in April and May, lost no weight in April but then 8+ pounds in May. It just happens.

The hard part is accepting it and staying the course. I know you can do it!

Llama is right!
thanks rob for the encouragement, it does help. i'm already getting over not seeing the scales go down so much, like you say it happens in spurts. i'm definitely in this for the long run, no quitting now :)
So month 2 completed today. I weigh 263 lbs, so 14 lbs lost in the last month, 37 lbs in 2 months (start date). Here's pics of me at start date and today.




Definitely progress, but a loooong way to go yet.
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Oh wow, that great progress both on the scale and in your picture! I bet your waist measurement improved a lot.
Oh wow, that great progress both on the scale and in your picture! I bet your waist measurement improved a lot.
Thankyou :) i'm pleased considering it's only been 2 months. In those 2 months I've "cheated" once on my birthday, had a load of chocolate, and last week i was eating a bit too much fancy cheese (still stuck to low carbs but i ate too much of it i think). Although i haven't measured properly, i think my waist size has gone down. I'm on the smallest notch on my belt now.
Not had the best of news today, my recent health check results came through, i have cholesterol levels in the "high" range (5.9) and my risk of cardiovascular problems within 10 years are in the "moderate" range, calculated as 13.4%. they're recommending i take statins, lose weight (which i am doing), and exercise (which i've recently started). i don't think i'm going to take statins, not yet anyway. they have side effects. i think i will wait to see what next years health check says which hopefully will be better after i've lost my excess weight etc.

read up a little and my current diet, low carb/high fat/high protein, may contribute to high cholesterol so i may need to alter my diet, gonna do some more reading up on it.
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Month 3 completed I'm 249lbs so that's 14lb lost in the last month, 51lb in total (over 3 month). Pretty pleased with that. So far i've lost 23lbs in month 1, 14lb month in 2, 14lb month in 3. I'm on target to not be on this diet more than 1 year :D (although I won't be eating like I used to ofc).

I never deviated from low carbs over the previous month, didn't cheat. It's possible I may have ate a bit too much cheese once or twice to keep me at or under my 800-1200 cals per day calorie goal. I haven't exercised as much as I'd like these past 2 weeks, no excuses - I've been lazy. Must get back into it.

Here's pics (not sure why 1 is so grainy)20220721_071257 (1).jpg from today. Note I do own different clothes :D but thought it would be easier for comparison if I wear the same stuff.
20220721_071334 (1).jpgAs you can see, from the side especially, I have a long way to go. Next mini target is <225lbs, then <200lbs is a major milestone for me.

ps Changed my avatar to a pic of my dog, Tyke :)
Tyke is adorable and you're clearly doing very well!
Thanks Llama :) Yes he is adorable. The vet tried him on a quite new & innovative arthritis treatment yesterday, a once monthly injectable called Librela, it's not a NSAID or typical painkiller it works in a way i don't understand and apparently it's very safe, i'm pretty sure he's already responding well to it.
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That's amazing! Also kind of THE most important weight-related health marker: go you!
Thanks for the encouragement Cate :)
You’re welcome 😊