Ryofire's Journal

Today's workout

Barbell Squat: 225lbs 1x8, 205lbs 1x10, 185lbs 1x12

Bench Press: 140lbs 1x6, 130lbs 1x8, 105lbs 1x10

55lbs Barbell Row: 3x12

65lbs Barbell Overhead Press: 3x12

Regular Crunch: 3x15

Side Crunch: 3x15 each side

Superman's: 3x15

30 minutes cardio

Stretching cooldown
Haven't posted in a almost a month. Got to get in the habit of that.

Went out rollerblading for the first time in two years. I bought a boosted board (electric longboard) a year ago. Sure that's a little bit easier to get around with but I still wear helmet pads knee pads wrist pads everything.

My main point is it's better to be a chicken than a dead duck. I fell on one of the trails I was roller blading on. Sure I got right back up but I did get a little bit of a scar on my knee even though I was wearing knee pads. I can only imagine how badly it would have been if I wasn't wearing helmet and everything else.

I'm heading out to Jujutsu practice. It's kind of ironic that I spend so much time helping others get in shape, that one of the things I struggle with, but somehow do is fine time to train myself. I mean hey I guess that's why they call it a job. Being a personal trainer/group fitness instructor is a fun job, but it's still a job.

Been a while since I updated this. Been preoccupied with too many things. Life tends to get to me, and unfortunately it can, as a reason not an excuse, interfere with my fitness goals. I know what I need to do now. Listen to my body, but at the same time not do mental gymnastics that create excuses.

After working a 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. shift today I went home and did some continuing education credit courses online. After that I went for a nice 1 hour walk.

I don't do that very often anymore. It feels really nice to do it every now and then.