Ryofire's Journal

Alright So here's my first real attempt at a journal.

Hi I've been on here for a while now and you guys so far have given me great advice. So great that I'm now much wiser and greater then I was two years ago when I first joined.

As far as my goals go I wish to cut down my body fat probably to at least 6%because this guy at the gym who's absolutly ripped tells me not to go below that unless I'm a competative bodybuilder. I don't wish to be all that big in size I just wanna be lean and cut (who doesn't now in our days). I do weigh myself everyday first thing in the morning and now I'm 166 pounds and 5'9'' in height. I wanna try and lose some fat not weight because at one point I was too thin. Most of my life I was a chunky kid who barely ever exercised and ate alot of junk. Thank goodness I was never really obese, just always chunkier then most people. I always wanted to be lean and cut with nice abs.

I am no longer on a strict caloric diet because it was causing me to binge eat way too much. Now I eat till I'm full "enough" I take in plenty of veggies and protein through lean meats eggs (mostly egg whites) protein powder etc.. I also get EFA's through natural peanut butter, flaxseed oil, etc. I also try to take 2-3 servings of dairy a day usually such as fat free or 1% milk or fat free "plain" yogurt. I cut out sugars completly and white flour. I only eat whole grains on day's I practice Hung Gar such as 100% whole wheat bread (I enjoy when pigs fly low carb 100% whole wheat), whole grain pasta, and sometimes when I get the craving for it I make myself some pizza using whole grain crust but try to use low or sodium free bread from trader joes or I use the low carb bread I mentioned earlier. However on days I don't practice Hung Gar I don't eat starches at all.
For my training so far here's how it is.

I do cardio 6 days a week in the morning after I eat something small in protein. I try to do something different each and every time I go through a three day cycle. Eliptical one day, Stationary Bike another day, and either stairmaster or treadmill the other day. I do this for 20 minutes. I do the first three minutes at level 1 then crank it up higher for 2 minutes another 3 minutes steady level 1 pace then an extra 2 minutes crank it up even higher and then for another five minutes I do the same thing and for the last 5 minutes I go down to level one to cool off.

At least 2-3 days a week I do upper body and abs and lower back.

Here's so far what I've been doing:
Bench Press
Iso Lateral Row
Smith Shoulder Press
Dumbell Shrug
Swiss Ball Twisting Crunch
Back Raise

For 1-3 days a week so far I've been going to Hung Gar and that works my legs already enough. I've also been doing this kicking exercise that works my legs alot. Sometimes when I can't get to Hung Gar I do Cardio for anbother 20 minutes much later on during the day.

I also forgot to mention I've been taking Green Tea Extract as well. Sometimes if I'm up for it I go for walks usually about an hour to two hours worth.

Any comments please feel free to make any.

I will be posting pictures pretty soon.
you need to incorporate squats into your routine. Even though you say that your hung gar (sorry if I misspelled) works your legs enough (which is a different kind of work) squats will benefit your entire body. They are the number one exercise in my opinion, aside from deadlift (which I prefer a bit more).
as I just took another look, you need your deadlifts as well.

Bench press
Behind the neck press (shoulders- my preference)
Bent over row or single dumbell row
Day 2

Ok so Hung Gar went good last night I'm now learning a new form and what not. I'm not ready to move up in rank quite yet though. I don't feel bad because I know my limits in martial arts. I still need to work on my stances too because those are stressed in Hung Gar.

As far as my Weight Training and what not goes I guess I've been doing ok. I'm about to do my cardio so that should go ok as long as I just do it. later on after an appointment I'm going to go to the gym and weight train. That should be good.

At least I get to see my girlfriend today later on I miss her lots we only get to see each like two to three days in the week.
So apparently I didn't get to weight train today I was too pissed off over some personal **** which I don't feel like mentioning. I should of been able to get a rush from being pissed off, but my mind was too clouded that I wouldn't have been able to concentrate at the gym. I swear I let my emotions get to the best of me.

I wish I could have made it to the gym to weight train today.

At least I did my cardio
Day 4

I'm now at my girlfriends dorm for today and going to return tommorow hopeflly I'll be able to make it to Hung Gar in time bt then again who knows.

For now I need a good day of rest.
Day 5

Today I didn't get to go to Hung Gar that's a shame but however I am going to do a cardio session so maybe as long as my diet is good I should do ok.
Another Good day

Today I decided to rev up my 20 minute cardio routine to 30 minutes. So I went on the Stationary bike for 30 minutes. In the afternoon I went back to the gym to weight train I only benched 180 for 3 reps. I have a note book of my weight training progress that I've been writing in for quite some time. I'll continue to do that so that'll keep me motivated. I just hope that the rest of this week goes good for me because it seems that latly I can't go a whole week without cheating once and I'm really trying not to do that.
Trying real hard

I just started working at whole foods today. I did manage to do some cardio this morning however so that's good. Last night though I went to Hung Gar when I got home I ate my last meal some steak mixed veggies and whole grain bars. It probably isnt a good idea to eat that before bed. Because after I ate them I waited three hours to go to bed. So do any of you think that if I work out before eating my last meal of the day that I should refuel myself with carbs as well as protein or just stick to protein.
I didn't have such a good weight trainig day I did a full body workout

Iso Lateral Row
Bench Press
Smith Behind the neck Press
Back Raise
Swiss Ball Twisting Crunch

Except I forgot to do my Dumbell Shrug and plus I'm kinda fighting a cold.
ok now I'm really fighting a cold I could barely sleep last night I'm actually up early I tried calling in to work but it's too early Today's just not a good day.
Time to update well as the days go by it just gets harder and harder to get to the gym or hung gar practice so don't be suprized if i dont write on this that much
I know I haven't been coming to my journal for a while so I think it's time that I at least update this thing.

Today I only managed to do 20 minutes of CV because of the fact that I needed to get to work on time. I then later on went to the gym again and made some good progress weight lifting.

Here's my best today:

Bench Press: 185 for 3 reps
Iso Lateral Row: 190 for 12 reps
Smith Behind the Neck Press: 140 for 3 reps
Dumbell Shurg: 45 for 12 reps
Russian Twist: 10 reps
Transverse Vaccum: 50s
Chest Raise: 12 reps

If I forgot to mention I now work at Whole Foods Market. So because of that I've been eating much healthier because I get 20% off of my purchases. I buy a good portion (not all) of my groceries from whole foods now mainly focussing on the 365 brand. Since unfortunatly I can't afford to eat lunch there I prepare foods for the day at home.

Here's what my diet today looked like today:

Meal 1:
1 glass of skim milk and two non fat yogurts

then CV

Meal 2:
2 Greens & Whey bars and 2 servings of whey protein powder

Meal 3:
1/4 of 93% lean ground beef and green beans

Meal 4:

2 tblsp of smart balance peanut butter
and handful of mixed nuts

Meal 5:

can of tuna and green beans

then weights

Meal 6:

1 serving of whey protein powder mixed with orange juice

I've lost six pounds since the last time I weighed myself which was a few weeks ago and when I last checked was at 160 pounds. Any comments of how I can better myself would be nice.
Time to check in once more. Well today was pretty good I managed to do better on my bench press and of course had a spotter all I just wanna really mention in this post is that I feel better when I have a spotter for certain exercises
Dude today started off great and went great it was a nice day out and stuff and everything despite the fact that I had to work. When I got home though I ****ing feel into a splurge completly by mistake :(. I feel so terrible right now I can't believe what happened. I guess I just gave in honestly. It's been almost a month anyway(even though that's not really any excuse for splurging) since I last had splurged, however this time it was only for one meal the rest of the day though was absolutly clean. Tommorow I have Hung Gar and a few hours before Hung Gar I'm gonna hit the gym and do my cardio in the morning. All I really know now is how can I really stay on track now. I've already lost 10 pounds and I wanna make sure they stay off. Any suggestions?

I gotta get into the habbit of updated this as much as I can. Today went alright except I feel like I eat alot more then I ussually do tonight. After Hung Gar I had a protein drink with some honey and some fruit as well as two whole wheat pretzals from auntie annes. then when I got home 50 minutes later I had some haddock, whole wheat bread and peanut butter, and brown rice. At least I didn't go all out and eat ice cream and ****. Still I know have to do better if I want to look and be better.

Well what an interesting day it started off ok like it was gonna be ok but then after I did my weights I took a look at myself and was wondering. WTF!! seriously how come it is that my arms, legs, back, and the other parts of body are decent, but my abs are flabby. I felt so bad that I fell into another binge and trust me by now I know I just shouldn't do it and you guys can give me all the hateful judgement about me being a failure and not a person of my word. I am honestly trying and making the biggest effort possible and to get the results I've always dreamed of but day by day it just get's harder. It's bad enough that I'm working full time and still at home, but soon I will be going back to school and that's gonna make things even harder.

Also you know what I hate the most is that alot of people don't really even know how much this means to me. They don't realize the sacrifices that I've made and continue to make. They say stuff like "you don't need to loose any weight your skinny enough. Yea key word "weight" I don't need to loose "weight" just fat I need to loose fat off my stomach and what not. I wanna be able to enjoy a day at the beach or at the pool without being embarrassed to take my shirt off. I also want the satisfaction that I will hopefully be able to give to my girlfriend one day.

Please all I just want is the right help I wanna know if there is something more I could be doing. I wanna know why it comes so easy to others yet I have to work so *@#%*@#%*@#%*@#%ing damn hard and barely make it by.

while I'm here I might as well post the terrible progress I'm doing