Club 150s

150.6 lbs.
i need to travel more often...!


this was street clothing minus shoes... about an lb more than my usual daytime gear. different scale, but told it was accurate. not sure what the little 25 is, but that was there before i stepped on. two things i can see about my travel habits in general... i move more during the day and i'm forgetting to eat a lot of the time.
i have a feeling my increased activity recently has been a big help in staying at low as i've been this past week. still very borderline...


i highly recommend starting your "spring cleaning" in January.
Hey Nelly, good to see you posting!

I was at 159 this morning, so am able to get in here, even if its just for the day. I have been working on maintaining rather than losing, my August weight has bounced between 160 and 163. This morning it bounced down to 159, not sure it will hold, but it was nice to see.
Good for you Nelly, that is an impressive drop!

After a couple of days just in the door I bounced back up to 160 this morning so I am out again. I expect to just be an occasional visitor here, for a while anyway. Not sure where I will end up long run, here, in the 150s, or just on the boundary between.
Back in this morning at 159, so far in September I have been in and out every day... May just live on the line for a while.
Probably good for your balance.
It needs all the help it can get! LOL!

At 158 this morning, two days in a row in the room. My gut feeling is that this is the room where I should settle, something in the mid 150s. But I am not sure that will happen, we'll see.
It doesn´t really matter, in the end, as long as you feel good. But I´m very glad to see your weight isn´t bobbing upward after your calorie increase!
Thanks LaMa, you are right of course, but still it feels good to see the weight down. Too many years of worrying about weight for that not to happen.

I have now been in this room for a week, still at the high end, so I may not always be here, but I am starting to feel settled in. At least a bit.