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I am ALMOST into the 150's and I want to be able to welcome myself into it once I get there. (I did a quick check for a 150's group so if one already exists I apologize, and I'll delete this ;)) Anyone else there or almost there? I want to be able to say I am in the 150's!!!!!!
I'm gonna try soooo hard. I keep flirting with 160lb and I can't wait to get over to the other side!!!
Hey! Ohh I know how you feel it's been over a year and half since I've been in the 150's...we will get there! Let's do it!
Yeah me too! Hoping to be smaller by October for my boyfriends birthday. Its not that important, but it would be nice to be where i want to be by then!
lol Wifey and Whiley, no offense taken! I hope that you are able to leave very soon! How are you guys doing? I am finally here! 158 baby! ;)
I'm so happy to have found this section of the forum. I was down at 154 around Easter & went back up to 159lbs. Then am down & have stayed at about 157. I am modestly trying 1lb/week & will be doing a journal for the rest of this week & seeing what I need to cut or increase to start shedding some lbs.

Plus I'm going to be due for a physical soon :rolleyes:
I cant wait for the scale to say 159.9 so I can join this group. Hope to join you guys by next week!! Congrats to getting to where you are and I have no doubt you will be in the 140's soon enough.
I just checked the dates and realized this thread hasn't been updated for 2-3 weeks and most of you are already in the 140's. Awesome work!
I've still got 2 pounds to go before I'm out of here. I'm sitting at 151. SO CLOSE! Hopefully this next weigh-in will put me into the 140's. I'm sure keeping my fingers crossed!!
I'm joining preemptively. I'm 161 and will leaving the 160s soon, so I'm not going to join that group. i'll be in the 150s by the weekend!
In the 50s!!whoo hoo!!

yep, I'm now officially in the 150s group already - it's only tuesday.

I am in at 158 today, and I know it's all fat because I've been working at a very high calorie deficit over the last few days, and I've done over 7000 calorie just through diet and exercise (I didn't count exercise like cleaning the bathroom or mopping floors) and I've kept my calorie intake up over 1400 so my metabolism hasn't slowed down.

I'd like to be 156 by the end of the week before I go back to uni.
I must be the only one in here. i'm now 155.7, so i'm just below my goal weight for going back to uni. I'll be out of here pretty soon.

Is anyone going to join me?
lol poor thing! You are the only one:) You are doing great! What have you been doing to lose 5 lbs in a week? I joined a 150's club but that was pre-summer.. maybe that is where everyone is;) Congrats on your success! I have found it very hard to go down. My weight has been the same for so long! (4 months) I have faith I will get on the ball! Hope you have a great week!
hi mishi, glad someone else has joined me! For the week that I lost 4kg I worked REALLY hard. I ate over 1400cal/day but exercised lots, and I did swimming - which burns off LOTs of calories. I couldn't have done it for more than a week - my body was exhausted by the sunday. I've gone back to 1hr/day exercise and I think i'll lose another kg this week.

It must be so discouraging being stuck on a plateau for so long. I need to see results to be motivated. Are you very close to your goal weight?

I fitted into one of my dresses today that I couldn't fit into even before I got pregnant. I'm very happy about that.