A silly and goofy weight loss diary

Isn't ramen just deep-fried, then cooked pasta? I wouldn't eat bread with pasta either 🤔 Maybe I'm a secret carbophobe!
Oops sorry for the hiatus. Weighed in today and I gained a bit. (.4lb) Probably because I had two cheat days this week. Still frustrated.

Today I had a coffee (74 cal)
Breakfast was three boiled eggs sliced across three triscuits (352 cal)
Lunch was a microwaved Power Bowl that was korean beef with veggies. And a slice of bread. (345 cal) ((power bowls are pretty great btw! They're a bit small but I love the variety and taste))
I had a piece of candy (41 cal) and some pudding which I didn't finish cuz it was gross (27 cal)
Dinner was a burritio with beef, beans and cheese (390 cal)
Dessert was some chocolate (161 cal)

Exersize: some biking, uphill in wind. Idk cal count for that, I gave up trying to estimate exersize cals

Total: 1,390

I've gotten pretty frequently frustrated lately. I kind of want to up my exersize a ton (going from nothing to something basically lol), to speed things up. I just want out of this 3 lb range.
Doing it the healthy, slow way IS often frustrating. But increasing your exercise too quickly and getting hurt would be even slower in the long run. Ditching the non-satisfactory pudding is a win in my book. Sweets have only one goal in their existence and it's being pleasing. If they don't achieve that they're simply not worth eating and throwing them into the trash is no worse than leading them into the sewage system the nornal way.
Thanks for all the advice, Llama : o )

I cheated today. I promise I'm not always like this, LOL. It was a grieving day.

Had pasta, sugary coffees, a cookie and the like. Will probably have some cheese toast too.

I found a 3-mile at home workout that is really, really effective. Its 53 minutes tho, im not sure if i could handle it. I want to try though.
I'm sure nobody will come into your home and scream at you, Jillian Michaels style, if you can only do part of it. Best of luck!
No one will ever rip from my lungs a tale of what I ate yesterday. That is between me and my gut bacteria.

Today's breakfast was good old avocado egg toasts! It's been a bit. Delicious as always. (403 cal)

Lunch was some chicken wings and a half a cookie (270 cal)

I had some pear slices (87 cal) and some blueberries (49 cal)

Dinner was a beef, bean and cheese burritio (376 cal)

A caramel egg and a bit of cookie also. (200 cal)

Total: 1385 cal
Breakfast: Pineapple smoothie (187 cal)

Lunch: Spicy beef power bowl with pear slices (295 cal)

A couple candies (180 cal)

Cheese stick and blueberries (129 cal)

Dinner: Usual beef, bean and cheese burrito but bigger cause I had the cals for it (462 cal)
Got it! I like hearty dishes with fruit mixed in, so I wouldn't have thought it weird :D
Thanks Cate!

Breakfast: Egg avocado toasts! (403 cal)

Then I had a cookie (144 cal)

A coffee (74 cal)

Lunch was some chicken breast, pork rinds, corn and blueberries (341 cal)

Dinner was a beef, bean and cheese burrito (417 cal)

Then a pirouette wafer (60 cal)

Total: 1,439 cal
I did a 20 min cardio workout this morning! It was a blast!

For breakfast I went out with my sister and her kids. I got a milk boba tea, which I guessed was around 280 cal. Also a handful of fries which I guess to be about 116 cal. Then I had just a bit of some mozarella salad, which I again guess to be about 100 cal. So total (maybe) 496 for that meal.

Lunch was a prepackaged avocado caesar salad which I chopped up a boiled egg into (428 cal)

Some blueberries of course (48 cal)

Dinner was some shrimp with some miracle noodles (truly a miracle : O) and I used some heavy cream to make a lil sauce (230 cal)

And half a cookie (131 cal)

Total: 1333 cal (maybe)
I like that you just take an honest guess for things you can't be sure about, without making too much of a fuss. Looks like a good day! Are the miracle noodles konjac?
i think they are very similar to konjac.

I weighed in today, and I'm nearly a pound higher than last week. i'm very frustrated so im cheating today.

Also I was warned by a family member that if I exersize I'll gain weight. That's only if i'm bulking muscle right? Which wont happen unless i've been exersizing a long time? Not if im doing like a 20 min workout occaisonally?
Retaining water after unaccustomed exercise is quite common (and the water goes away once you get used to the level of exercise you're doing) but you won't "accidentally" gain noticeable-on-the-scale muscle as a woman working out 20 minutes here and there. At most the muscle you already have will become a bit more visible when you lose weight (aka "toning", kind of a nonsense word but it sounds good). Women who want to gain significant weight have to work hard on it over a pretty long time. No need to worry!

(If I sound annoyed here it's because people who "warn" women not to go building muscle annoy me, not you. There's nothing wrong with women being and/or looking strong! But you are also 100% allowed not to want to look muscular.)
Thanks a ton, Llama. That's really helpful!!!

Today I had my usual avocado toasts breakfast (401 cal)

Then a graham cracker lol (65 cal)

Then a beef, beans and cheese burrito (508 cal)

Then a cookie and a graham cracker (192 cal)

Total: 1,196 cal