Weight-Loss Weight Loss Contest for 1 Month



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i'm in if a few more people are down


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Okay let's start then!

We can officially kick-off tomorrow with a weigh-in & end the content by end of April. Share your CW and your GW for the month below! I will start:
CW: 120.8lbs
GW: 110 lbs (being aggressive)



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Thanks guys! Let's aim to do a weekly check-in on Thursdays, and of course, keep each other inspired with our wins over here :)
ANY wins! Also, if you feel like you're not tracking or having a blah day, feel free to share. Sometimes we turn to food for emotions, it's something I struggle with a lot, would rather use that energy to vent here.


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Hi everyone, just wanted to check in and see how y'all were doing. Tomorrow is weigh-in day, no pressure because we will only be two days in, but just wanted to say, you can do this! Feel free to leave any advice, tips or encouragement.

Side note, something I have been struggling with for a long time has been dairy. I am slightly intolerant and it causes inflammation. I'm hoping that along with the weight loss, I am able to substitute the dairy in my morning coffee with something else. Milk alternatives taste like cardboard in coffee so it's been an uphill battle. I also bought a boat-load of celery to juice because of a few health issues and I do believe it has its benefits, I have just never been consistent with it.

Keep chugging along :) WE GOT THIS!!!!

CW: 119.8lbs
GW: 110 lbs (end of April)


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Happy Easter y'all! Hope you enjoy with your families.

I'm aiming for 117/116lbs by next Thurs. Was successfully able to have no dairy in coffee, replaced with oat milk. Not a perfect compromise but end goal is to get off coffee all together. Also trying to incorporate more veggies into meals.

CW: 119.2lbs


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CW: 118.6lbs

Not where I wanted to be...but getting there.
GW next week = 116lbs