Serving Size Club

as an update to my struggle with bagels.... things went well up until the last three. i decided to make some pizza bagels and since i moved temporarily to the basement/ garage to work for a while, i downloaded a timer app to my phone because i was apparently too lazy to walk upstairs to retrieve my mechanical timer. so in the oven they went and about 45 minutes later it struck me... where the %^$# was the timer sound?? i knew there was little hope and when i opened the oven door, it left no doubt... i was looking at 6 jet-black bagel briquettes.

oh well... at least i didn't have to struggle with a schedule to make them last 2-3 days.
Sounds like a delicious plan! I don't think I'm ready to have so much variety available yet but I hope to some day. How do you like the chocolate-covered berries? I've seen them at the store here but they're Lindt so too expensive to buy just for a taste.

i think i remember seeing the dk choc at $11-$12 marked down to $8/ bag, but they are BIG (the two on the right)...


i haven't had any... yet. i threw them right in the freezer when i got home.
i did have a handful of the pretzels for breakfast... i'll have to see what the damage was... pretty sure it was a bit over 130 cals... ;).

with the pretzels, nuts and sesame stix in the mix, it should bring the sugar/ bag down from 17 to maybe 9 - 10g/ serving. i will still limit myself to 1/ day at most.
i decided to leave the pretzels out of the snack mix. the best i can describe them as like eating Cheetos... there is a spicy coating that would tend to get all over everything else. so i'll deal with splitting those up separately... if there are any left... :)

i also realized that 64 baggies was a bit much to tackle, so i pared that down to 32 bags... each will be a double serving. i'll deal with those by just eyeballing a split and worst case, after every two it will even out. here is what a double looks like...


small? ... maybe, but i can make a little piece of chocolate last more than a minute, so it's plenty for me.

i'll have to recalc the calories, but i'll ballpark a serving at ~150 kcals.
i think i may have dodged a bullet... that bag of pretzels? ... the one with 16 servings? .... gone in 4 days ... :(. i saw it coming, though and readjusted the last two days as much as i could to minimize the damage.... but it'll still be a few days before i'm convinced.


luckily the other snacks received the proper treatment and are safely tucked away in the freezer...

another serving size conundrum... the local market has a pretty good deli and once in a while i get lazy and go with some comfort food. today it was Mandarin Noodles & Chicken Caesar Pasta ... certainly not low cal, but not very damaging if you throttle the serving size. amazing the optical illusion when you realize how much they can jam into one of those containers...


i think this goes without saying...


there are at least three servings of this size in each container. ok... a bit overboard with the saucer size plate, but i've been on a dinnerware breaking streak recently and my inventory of 6" salad plates is currently zero.
i'm going to give plain old pretzels another chance.
should be easy, 16 out of the bag at a time... i think i can handle that.

this is the first club I'm joining, because I think portion size is the key to the food part of losing weight. I like the idea of creating your own trail mix. I love nuts, but they are very calorie dense. I love dark chocolate and also dried fruits.
You're very welcome :)