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i used to use the Mount Everest theory of dieting on many non-essential food (desserts, snacks, etc). ...i would eat it, because it was there.

i'm glad to report this is on the whole not a problem anymore... except for one thing i cannot seem to control... bagels. every time i buy i dozen, i'm sure they will last at least 10 days yet within a week i'm at the bagel store buying another dozen (... and just to compound things. their dozen = 13 bagels...!)

so this is it... i bought a dozen (+1) this morning and i'm going to give myself the one-a-day limit.

other than just for me, if anyone has any gripes in general about "serving sizes", feel free to rant here.
day one...

"serving sizes"
Used to be one of my downfalls. Mine were huge. I like your Mt Everest thing, have to remember that. Mine was that I was on a See Food Diet, if I could see food I would eat it.

I still have large serving sizes, difference is what's in them. For example today for lunch I had a modest amount of a kind of beef and pepper fajita mix and a huge pile of lettuce. Big salads without dressing, cheese, or meat and not many nuts are good too. And when I eat veggies I always eat a lot more than one standard serving, things like okra, broccoli, and squash. It fills the belly with few calories. I also eat a lot of fruit, but still need to have some restraint on serving sizes there.

Good topic.
ah, "see food" ... yeah, i've heard that one before.

i believe restaurants are big contributors to what people imagine is a serving size. i used to go to a bar ... you remember bars, right...? ... that served an order of nachos that i sometimes saw a table of 4 having a hard time of finishing it off... and nothing on the menu indicated it was for more than one person. the single serving size of restaurant desserts are literally obscene. i've never really been one to eat a lot for a single meal and when i do eat out, i typically get the food to-go or at least a good deal of it does. buffets love me.

i see packaged foods are getting a little better. at least Coke doesn't think there is more than one serving in a 20 oz soda anymore. next time i make up snack packs, i'll post the procedure i use to keep honest. at least that's one way of getting around the ½ serving conundrum.
The difference between restaurant servings and packaged food servings really is obscene. I try to make up my own reasonable serving sizes but especially with snack food it's a struggle.
day 2.... serving size of one/ day... another breakfast burger (they come in 3's so probably not a surprise tomorrow).

today featuring an Ortega Chili...
IMG_1499.JPG ... so good.

it's after 4pm so this will probably be a 20/4 intermittent fasting day. if i eat any later than 8pm it totally screws up the next day unless i do a 36 hour fast and reset. too much food in the house right now to do that. i have a leftover Chicken Enchilada and i have to cook up some green beans that have been in the fridge a few days to round out the day. maybe an orange or i have some strawberries that aren't getting any younger either.
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A breakfast burger sounds really good right now. I'm fine with portioning bread type things but I might get a 200 g bag of chips and try to make it last for 4 days. It worked when I was staying with my parents...
i believe a big turning point for me was when i could look at what i might call in general "one and a half servings" of something left, take out that one serving and put the rest away for another time. previously it was always... "there's only a few pieces left, i may as well finish it off". when you finally get around to that last little bit, it's literally like finding treasure. it shouldn't be there, but it is...!
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Since I only cook for myself I usually measure and portion things out exactly according to what my brain says I need. Which is convenient but also means my stomach is often a bit lost when it comes to outside world portions.
Logging in for the first time in ages and this is the first thing that comes up. Love the Mount Everest diet - and yes, I've been there! (Great to see all three of you champions!)
On day 4 of only eating 50 g portions of chips. Had 40 g of chocolate once as well. If I can stick to these portions I´m happy with myself.
missed a few days... Sunday i cooked up some eggs with onions and peppers off the vine (just the peppers) and had a toasted bagel with butter. yesterday i woke up with an unbelievably sore neck, so ordered in Chinese food. ... a no-bagel day...!
I like the visual comparison. I´d never seen the fiber one cereal before though and it looks like a plate of mealworms :p
time to make up some snack packs... this might be the biggest split i've made yet. some chocolate covered snacks were on sale (Brookside Dark Chocolate)... i couldn't decide which one to get... so of course i bought both...! 20 servings in each pack.... yikes...!


the pretzel bag is also big (16 servings) and i also got some Sesame Sticks (one bag) and Soy Nuts (2 bags) for a grand total of 20 + 20 + 16 + 6 + 6 + 5 = 72 servings. since the chocolate and pretzel serving sizes are only 130 calories, i will round down to 64 servings. doing the math, that will work out to 153 calories / package.

time to get to work.
Trail mix always gets me. Who eats 2 tablespoons of the stuff, a squirrel?

I'm definitely a See-food eater so I'm having to measure and set portion sizes before I put them on my plate.
Sounds like a delicious plan! I don't think I'm ready to have so much variety available yet but I hope to some day. How do you like the chocolate-covered berries? I've seen them at the store here but they're Lindt so too expensive to buy just for a taste.