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Hi Marsia, & welcome to the forum. No-one likes counting calories, including me, but sometimes you need to so that you can stop eating so much. It can be confronting but I think most of us eat more than we think. When I'm counting calories it makes me re-think everything I put in my mouth. I drink my coffee black & without sugar & have a couple every morning, but none after midday.
Meditation, yoga & walking are all good to help you relax. Getting outside is good for you. It's my favourite therapy.
Hi Marisa I am pretty new to the forums too and finding them a great help.
I have been losing and putting on weight now for 30 years .
I too hate counting calories but I loosely following a slimming programme what I used to follow . I eat carbs but try to limit to 100g or less a day . I try not to eat stuff like Dorito or sweets and cakes .
I keep lots of fresh fruit and Greek yoghurt at home and some low calorie treats occasionally.
I walk a lot and my plan at the moment is too

Eat less rubbish food and prepare healthy unprocessed food, do min 10k steps per day , achieve 30 mins cardio exercise 5 days per week.
Good luck with all
Hi Marsia and welcome to the forum! Since most food-related apps&websites make their traffic with people who care about their health things like sesame and quinoa shouldn´t be a problem. The site I use is in German though, so it won´t be of any use to you.
In case you sometimes need to let off steam about your relationship with your mom you are of course free to do so here but if you need advice about dealing with controlling people I suggest you look at (advice blog with a great community attached to it).
I use My Fitness Pal as I am used to it & have saved recipes, meals etc, but Chromometer is also very good & has a great breakdown of macros. My story is LONG, but I have battled with my weight for most of my adult life. I lost 36 kg back in 2007, but have regained too much & am currently 10 kg more than I want to be. It will always be a battle.
Try drinking herbal tea. I love peppermint, spearmint, green tea with lemon myrtle & lemon & ginger.
Welcome to the forum, many of the members here have been where you are now, there is a lot of great advice to be found here, I would also suggest reading the sticky posts scattered around the forum :)
The more you use MFP the easier it will be. The ads are very annoying on your phone, but it's good on your PC. I'm CateAussie if you want to add me.
Glad to hear you enjoyed the yoga. Counting calories is extremely helpful at first, simply because most of us have very little instinctual knowledge about how much food we really need. I´m still hoping mindful eating will get me there in the end though :)
Glad to hear you enjoyed the yoga. Counting calories is extremely helpful at first, simply because most of us have very little instinctual knowledge about how much food we really need. I´m still hoping mindful eating will get me there in the end though :)
I’m with you on the mindful eating .
I´ve been doing more breathing exercises again lately and I do feel it helps. Also keeping my hands busy, be it with crocheting or video games, exercising regularly and making sure I actually like the food I do eat. What trips me up most is fatigue. Well, that and my health conditions.
Mindful eating to me is not eating on the run & taking your time to enjoy each morsel. I like my food to look good & be nutritious. I couldn't eat a plate of food that didn't have lots of colour for example. Eating at the table, putting down your cutlery between most mouthfuls, chewing thoroughly & enjoying the flavours, enhances your eating experience. It also slows you down & you get filled up quicker. If you think of food as being your medicine & imagine the good it is doing you, it slowly changes your attitude to it.
I love greek yoghurt with fresh fruit, especially mangoes & strawberries. I used to think it was so sour, but have developed a taste for it. First thing in the morning with some almond meal added to it for protein is surprisingly filling.
I added you to MFP & I see that you are there now xoC
I just started noticing that it's way easier not gobbling my favorite foods because I savor them, and have been making more effort to make things I especially want to eat. So weird I didn't notice this before.
That´s great! Sustainable, healthy, and it actually adds joy instead of the traditional bleak diet life :)
I love how happy you sound! Glad to hear your food database is making itself useful. Makes life so much easier :)
Being outside in nature is amazing and while I secretly prefer to have the woods to myself it is wonderful to see other people loving it as much as I do.
Hi Marsia, I just recently joined this forum too. I’m glad you are enjoying having positive support around - I am too!
My babies are all still young but I’ve also had a tough time losing any weight I gained while pregnant. I can relate a lot to what you said on your first post about being full being comforting. I have found that sometimes cooking up really giant meals but of something like stir fry, that’s all plain inredients and lots of vegetables, feels very enjoyable to me, because I can eat a large amount of food while at the same time know it’s healthy and also won’t give me any weird sugar rush or bloating like binge eating things like processed snacks or desserts.

Ive always loved being outside in nature too, even better being active at the same time. I’m glad you got to have a nice time at your state park!
Hiking makes me feel wonderful. Exercising outside is the best thing for me! I think I'll go for a hike today if it doesn't rain. I'm glad you like MFP. I think it has so many foods in the database as it has lots of users from all over the world.
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It's 8.25 am here on Sunday morning so haven't got on the move yet. I am used to everyone being on a different time zone & season to me, but it's harder for everyone else. I tried using another app but I have spent a lot of time adding recipes to MFP so I find it much easier to use. We live on 50 acres & I'm hiking around the bush on it today hopefully. "Wild beaches" sound wonderful. It would be lovely to see some pics some time :)
Where you live sounds lovely, Marsia. I love the quote in your signature too, but just realised I don't often read them & had missed yours :blush5:
Well done going and finding something healthy that´ll satisfy the cravings. That´s a useful skill to have!
Thanks I saw your note on springflowers diary. I am going to join in on this . I have very wide upper arms ( in addition to the big calves ) . 3 times a week sounds doable .

I have dumbbells and a resistance band so no excuses