I think our generation was brainwashed to believe that fit and healthy equals a size 10 or less, which is where I know a lot of my problems have stemmed from, and I was actually a perfectly healthy weight as a size 12-14.
Quoted for truth!
Just catching up & saying hi 😘
:hurray: Hi Cate!
I think its kind of like some of the pin-up girl things we have today, like the Vargas girls Playboy used to feature.
I wonder if young women tried to emulate that look like they do today (sometimes to cartoonish effect) or if it was more seen as symbolic and they still preferred more sensible curves irl. Of course they would've had a lot fewer people to compare themselves to as well.
"God's busy right now, but I can help" Satan in New Orleans.
Helpful and reliable, that's what we like to see :p
Only terrifying if you believe them!
Or if the culture around you uses them as an excuse to rob you of your basic rights...
that's great! Happiness is a wonderful thing to have. Hold onto that!
Trying my best! 8 points today so that´s a🥇! Gih 7, msh 6, airways 6.5, mood 7. And a curse upon men who think short, loose boxers are good workout gear 🤦‍♀️ I don´t get paid enough to ruin my good eyes!
And a curse upon men who think short, loose boxers are good workout gear 🤦‍♀️ I don´t get paid enough to ruin my good eyes!
Dear Lord... o_O They should have enough respect to dress accordingly to the fact that it's your workplace!

I remember a trip to a water park with my bestie when we were 10/11, something like that. We were obsessed with the "wild river" ride, which was designed to emulate a river with rapids and small pools; it had several spots where it was easy to get stuck in a whirlpool like a turd in a toilet, and in one of such spots there was a guy with a small kid wearing cotton tighty whities WITH A HOLE IN THEM to top it all off. I have no idea how he had made it into the pool area like that, because that was against the regulations, but me and my friend got stuck in the same spot and slammed against his shins several times until we got back the control of our bodies and somehow scrambled out of the obstacle choking of laughter. It was bizarre. But thinking back, I wonder what the hell was wrong with the guy because the water park both sold and rented swimsuits. A perv or a clueless sob? I will never know.
A perv or a clueless sob? I will never know.
Either way: gross!
I have the best memories of a similar water thingy though, maybe an hour away from where I grew up. Except for the first time when I was only juuust big enough to get on (unable to stand up in the water without going under) and I got caught under the last "waterfall", getting kicked back under by people coming down after me twice and feeling like I was drowning. And the last time I went I was there to watch my very enthusiastic little sister: we went down 20+ times and my hips were covered in bruises by my next anatomy lab :rotflmao: And it took me half an hour to brush the tangles out of her (braided, butt-length) hair. But it was fun!
Yay indeed :hurray: I am feeling so much better. Scale was back up to 80.2 kg and 35% fat but I know I'm doing the right things to be healthy and feel good.
Mom was off doing a guided walk this morning so I could hit legs a bit harder for family exercise. Had a small bar of chocolate as a treat and made tuna salad for lunch (breakfast was leftover Sichuan chicken&rice) aaand... now I want more chocolate, even though I'm plenty full. Trying to remind myself that having chocolate now, any amount, will just make it harder not to binge. So... I guess I need to go do something rather than lazing around. Ok: I promise I won't binge today. Going to get up off the couch and once I come back I'll have a protein pudding with fruit and cacao nibs. Will take a portion of mango out of the freezer before I leave so it can thaw a bit already. Up, up and away!
I got up and went outside instead of binging. Bought some new leggings, which incidentally I should try to see if they fit. Huh, they're long enough! But also very long in the torso/belly bit so they may start rolling down when I wear them for a while. We'll see.
On my way home I walked into the grocery store for dinner inspiration and found myself stalking the isles wanting ALL THE FOOD so I bought a frozen pizza alla pala and ate it right after coming home instead of the pudding&fruit thing and had that for dinner instead. I think the excessive hunger and cravings just had to do with the double workout this morning. Plus the chocolate probably triggered me a bit. Starting to feel kind of hungry again now but it's time for bed anyway so I'll just eat again tomorrow morning:

- Pinto bean and veggie wraps
- Pulled pork pitas
- Protein pudding with fruit
- Pickle&tuna salad (yes the tuna should come first but look at all the pretty p's!)
My first client as a counseling intern would wear his loose jogging shorts with nothing under them to therapy sessions. It was so annoying. He stopped testing me when he realized I could actually help him, thank goodness!

Glad you are monitoring what you are eating so well and love all your planning. So happy it's helping you!
Pizza alla pala reminds me that there's a pizza automatic kiosk next to the swimming hall/sports centre. I have never bought anything from it, but maybe I should try it :D it's open 24/7, too.

Your meal plan sounds good and it's reasonable that after double workout you would feel hungrier than usual.
Just realized I forgot my points yesterday. Either 5 or 6, not quite sure if I drank enough water. Gih 7.5, msh 6.5, airways 6.5, mood 7.

Food sounds good, LaMa. Well done on not binging after all that exercise 👏
Thank you! It wasn't easy at first but writing here and making that promise helped.
He stopped testing me when he realized I could actually help him, thank goodness!
This felt more like a display of dominance than a test. Thankfully figuring out his weirdness is not my job.
I have never bought anything from it, but maybe I should try it :D it's open 24/7, too.
It may be worth a try! Although most pizza is so low quality it's not worth my money or calories. I was really happy to see they had this particular one (mushrooms and sourcream) because it had been out of stock for ages.
Your meal plan sounds good and it's reasonable that after double workout you would feel hungrier than usual.
Thank you! I felt less down on myself when I realized I was looking for ANY food, not just chocolate.

Off to make a breakfast beandilla and then I think I'll head to the Lainzer Tiergarten. Have to check but it could be one of the last days they're open until they close for hunting season.
Having a Sommerspritzer at one of the restaurants and had to go inside because it's so cool out! Gorgeous blue sky and golden leaves though. My legs are feeling quite depleted from yesterday's family exercise so it's a good thing I didn't plan a bigger trip. I definitely need to up my leg work again.
Thanks, Em :) 6 or 7 points today, could make it 8 if I walk to the bank before bed (which I might). Gih 7.5, msh 7.5, airways 7.5, mood 8. Pretty good day!
Actually, make that 9 points 🥇 Clearly a gold medal day. Plan for tomorrow: go to gym in the morning. Pulled pork pitas for breakfast. Tuna salad for lunch. Probably spicy carrot paste and airfried bean wraps for dinner but I might go for peas and feta instead. Protein pudding with added fruit at some point. All meals come with greens and at least one non-leafy vegetable.
Thanks Cate and Floater. I can't sleep and it's super annoying! Not even my brain running around in circles, just wide awake.
Take it easy today if you have slept poorly (or not at all). I woke up at 5am and haven't been able to fall back asleep. I guess I'll shower, take the dog out, feed her and try again.

When I can't sleep, I usually put YouTube on in the background but the volume so low I'll need to really focus to make sense of it. That way my thoughts can't spin into circles and the effort sometimes tires me to sleep. I know this isn't your issue this time around so it probably won't help but I know how annoying insomnia is.

Take care!
Thanks dude :grouphug: I was reading your last posts and realized my reason for not being able to sleep is probably the same as yours. Good thing I only did the bare minimum: 10 minutes on the elliptical and 3 sets of whatever the machine version of reverse flys is called in English. Glad I went because I do want to get that rhythm back but apart from not having the energy for more I woke up an hour later than planned (probably a good thing given how strong my cravings tend to get when I don´t sleep enough) and I get real anxious when I have to hurry in the morning. Had my breakfast pitas and should probably go grocery shopping because tomorrow´s a holiday so the stores will be closed.
Scale this morning said 79.8 kg and 34.8% fat. That´s the second time I´m below 80 kg so I guess I really am slowly losing weight.
I may or may not have snuck into the weight room to finish my planned exercises... And I felt stronger than I have in months, if not 2 years. But now it's time for that rest: if I go out hiking tomorrow it has to be on level ground and not too long.