Intermittent Fasting club

Effects of Intermittent Fasting on Health, Aging, and Disease
Rafael de Cabo, Ph.D., and Mark P. Mattson, Ph.D.

According to Weindruch and Sohal in a 1997 article ...

thought i would add this note... since i had to register with the Journal of New England Medicine to read this article, when i copied it here, i removed over 40 footnote references (which would not have worked as links anyway) noted throughout the paper. the opinions/ data stated by the authors were not merely pulled from thin air... the work was heavily referenced.
i hadn't watched a Jason Fung video in some time and just checked out this one...

quite a bit of overlap of information from ..."Therapeutic Fasting, Solving the Two-Compartment Problem", but updated (Nov 2020)
it takes a different mindset... the past two days i have been trying to be extra good. the week or so preceding, i was pretty minimal with most just eking past 12/12. both of the past two evenings i have the makings of a nice steak sandwich that could have been ready in less than a few minutes. but yesterday and the day before i was focused on how i would feel in the morning and both days, i had the satisfaction of doing the right thing. if you cannot achieve that feeling, you might have a difficult time with intermittent fasting.
I'll start IF tomorrow. I attempted today to wait til noon to start eating, but by 10 I was just feeling too hungry. I get up by 6am, so that was 4 hrs with just black coffee.

Tomorrow, I'll start my eating window when I feel like I need to eat. Maybe it'll be 10 again. I'll try to do 16/8. If I start eating at 10, that means I can eat until 6pm. That seems healthy. I'm in bed by 9pm anyway. So, I should be ok stopping at 6pm. But, I won't worry if I go 14/10 or even 12/12. I think the most important thing is to do the first week or so in a way that doesn't feel like deprivation.

I can see many aspects to why IF helps with weight loss. For example, if I know I'm not going to eat after 6pm, I'll eventually think of other things to do. Maybe go to bed early, or even better, do something active like walk the dog again.

I do understand that we feel hunger the more we eat. What I mean is, if my stomach is used to having something in it every couple of hours, then I'm hungry every 3-4 hours. But, if I train myself to fast for 12 hours, my body will get used to an empty stomach.

I was happy to see this club because I think this is a sensible, flexible way for people to adapt their eating habits to healthier amounts.
during the winter months i still enjoy hot tea occasionally, but even though i've gotten used to black coffee, i can't seem to get myself to enjoy tea without some form of milk. i have seen videos on fasting that claim 50 calories aren't enough to kick your body out of a fasting mode, so i'm going to give unsweetened almond milk a shot. 35 calories for 8 oz, but in tea i only use about 2 ox. seems like it should be ok. any other opinions?

almond milk.jpg
Hey Flyer, I have decided to give IF a try, maybe only a short one, but a try. Started yesterday by skipping breakfast and ended up with about a 16/8 day. Skipped breakfast again this morning will see how the rest of the day goes.

One reason I am trying this is to help with bingeing. I have observed that my worst time for bingeing is after eating a meal or something, its just hard to stop. So starting fewer times might help... I find abstaining easier than moderation. I guess the one meal a day thing might be better for that, but right now I am not going to try it. Starting slowly.

Also I have been following your treads and have recently read of some of the health benefits of it.

One questions I have is that I usually eat a very early light breakfast and then go to the gym. Is there any problem in going to the gym without eating first? Today is my first day back to the gym since vacation and I am going in the afternoon, but tomorrow I start back in the mornings.

Thanks for all the info you have posted, as I said I have read it off and on over the past couple of years. However it can be a bit overwhelming. For now I am just easing in by skipping breakfast to see how that goes.