Dodger's Journey

Got a workout in this evening with a personal trainer. It was tought as we did new excericses for shoulders, back and chest. Only a few hours of sleep and then back to the gym with the trainer at 6:30 Am. only 2 sessions left with him. Tomorrow and Friday and then I am back on my own. I got this though!!! I got this
Crazy workout this morning. Did lower body. It was the closest I came to throwing up. one more session left with the trainer on Friday. I will try to play badminton tomorrow night, and maybe get a workout in the morning, thursday
did not feel like going to the gym today, but I dragged my ass to the gym. Did some cardio and core excercises. Back to the gym tomorrow morning. Also did groceries. I felt like the diet was pretty bad last few days so got some healthy foods for the next few days...
Crazy workout this morning. Last session with personal trainer. I am on my own now. but loving this. made myself a healthy lunch and breakfast this morning.....
got a good workout in today. Did upper body. I was feeling a bit under the weather today, but blazed through it. I did chest with 35 lbs dumbells for the first time. I think I am going to be sore tomorrow. Anyways back to lower body tomorrow
Skipped yesterday, because I was lazy and did not have adequate sleep. But got some exercise in today. Played a tough game of dodgeball for 2 hours and my shoulders are done! I hope I have enough strength to hit the gym tomorrow night ... I know I will be sore tomorrow and day after
Skipped tuesday, because I was sore from dodgeball on monday. Almost felt I would have to skip today as well as I was not feeling it at all. I started watching some really cool motivational videos and decided to have a kickass workout. one of the best lower body work out. beast mode on.
i kind of cheated because I ate out tonite. Had a chicken parmesan sandwich with fries and a beer. So terrible diet. Felt like **** when I came home so decided to go to the gym and had a solid upper body work out. arms are shaping up nicely, but need to do some more core exercises for the gut. I am glad I went today..
Couldn't get a work out in yesterday since I was out with some work colleagues. Went to a smoke house so diet was ****. Wanted to go to the gym after but, I had a couple of beers so did not feel it. Woke up this morning and got a good core workout. I find that some of the core excercises are getting easier. I also ran for a mile and half which was good. Will get a leg workout first thing tomorrow morning and then dodgeball monday night
So after a week of hiatus, I am back! I was sick with flu for a week and finally today I was good enough to get a work out in. I felt energy was lacking a bit, but I got a good upper body work out in. I will try to make it every day this week....
So did not feel like working out today, but couldn't take a day off. Had a good leg day today. Pretty intense. will try to wake up first thing in the morning and get a workout in....
It was bitter cold outside, snow and -15 but I went out and got a good work out in. I think I need to start working out in the morning as I have too much going on in the evening with a side business and all to be able to spend an hour to hour and a half in the gym. Will wake up at 6 am and hit the gym
****ty day today, snowing like crazy and cold. Can't d rive to the gym, so ended walking for half an hour in my apartment building. Not a work out to write home about. Oh well, starting a new 12 week program will update tomorrow
first day of the 12 week program. not sure if this is the correct program though. I feel like this is more if you want to be more lean. So there is more cardio involved. I want to burn fat and get big. Would do a few more days of it and reasses. But it did have 2.5 miles of elipticals and some back and arms.
So I am back after another 10 days of hiatus...I had a medical situation that had to be dealt wiht. Thankfully I am back...did the first day of 12 week program again...back and biceps with 30 mins of elipticals
Day 2 of the transformation program, today was chest, shoulders and triceps day. 6 exercises and arms were shaking once I was done. I don't normally work shoulders but this new program believes in biceps and triceps. I will definitely feel this tomorrow....

Tomorrow is cardio day, so should be fun... till next time ciao
Day 4 - Legs and abs - 4 x 12 barbell Squat, 4 x 12 Dumbbell lunges, 4 x 12 lying leg curls, 4 x 12 still legged barbell, 4 x 12 standing calf raises, 4 x 10 crunches, 4 x 10 flat leg raises
Day 5 cardio day - did 30 mins of elipticals HIIT training. Great sweat inducing workout before hitting the club for NYE. Happy New Year everyone