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Working toward it slowly would be great! And stealing tricks from older women is rarely a good idea :D
They are so consistent, LaMa. They admire my long shots & I tell them I would swap for their consistency. Straight down the middle of the fairway would be nice for a change, I'm sure going to try.
I see you read my sentence the way I meant it rather than the way I wrote it 🙈 I of course meant it's rarely a bad idea!
I feel good this morning after another good night's sleep. It makes such a difference.

I like a lot of things about the new forum & I'm going to explore our new options. I like having the search option for smilies & also the fact that when you start typing: followed by clap, for example, the drop-down box of alternatives appears. My diary is more about just being my diary than it is about weight loss or dieting, so little things like that make it more fun for me. I would have given up years ago if that is what it was all about. My diary is my therapy I think.

I am going out to the golf course today to just play a few holes on my own & then join the women for an hour or two. I'm actually looking forward to it in two minds about it. I'll see how it goes.
While the likelihood is that you may have already tried it... I've been taking turmeric and ginger as a supplement for about the last month or so, and it seems like the soreness I get from my workouts and my knees has reduced somewhat. I can't prove anything empirically, but anecdotally for me anyhow, it seems to keep down some inflammation.
Hi Cate! Nice you are liking the new format and smilies and things. It's great to have this place to focus on what we want in life, food-wise and otherwise, as well! And so good to have company on the journey!! I hope you had a good time at the golf course. It's nice you are practicing on your own, so even if joining the women is not as nice as you had hoped, you have that time to yourself, too. I hope they behaved themselves and that all went well with your knees.
I love the new abundance of smilies too! Especially now that we've got our own ones back as well :jump: Some of them would've been hard to replace :jump:
Hope you had fun at golf and your knee held up ok.
Hi, TDT. I tried taking turmeric capsules & they upset my stomach. My arthritis/inflammation has really died down & it's back to "normal" which is much more bearable. I do feel my allergies/asthma/arthritis are all linked. I love ginger & we use it a fair bit in our cooking. I might start adding some ground ginger to my hot lemon drinks & maybe a bit of turmeric. Maybe the capsules were just too strong. I tried adding turmeric to my drinks, but it stains my cup/ How do you take it?
Hi, Marsia. I didn't get to actually walk around the course at all & just had a quick hit on the practice fairway again as I left home too late. I was reading "Before You Knew My Name" by Jacqueline Bublitz & tried to finish it. It was quite nice catching up with the women, but I'm in no rush to get back to playing with them. I would struggle to actually play 18 holes.
Hi, LaMa. The new smilies are good fun. I think you can add just about any that are on your phone. I am glad that :svengo: is still there though. It's my favourite.

I will struggle to have anything to wear this summer unless I lose some weight. I hopped on the scales this morning & I am almost back to my 2 months ago high weight. I have 15.5 kg to get back to my GW. That is quite daunting. I feel like I'm on a runaway roller coaster.
I'm off to the dentist this morning to have this bottom back tooth out :eek:
Hi Cate
I hope the tooth pull has gone well and wasn't too painful. Excellent to have a dentist you trust for these situations!!
Wonderful that you have some goals for golfing--I think that kind of technical goal would make it extra interesting and fun. I hope your knees continue to stay ok.
My diary is my therapy I think.

These diares really are good therapy tools--I can't keep a regular diary in real life but these seem much easier to keep up with--I imagine it's the feedback and support. I bet I would be more tempted to keep a paper diary if, whenever i opened it, there was some interesting feedback in there!
Hi Cate, hope all goes well with the tooth extraction, and it's nice and straight forward!! I need to lose at least 35 pounds (about what you need to lose), so we can do it together. I refuse to buy bigger clothes so I don't let myself gain anymore. I'm in a similar position where a limited amount of clothes still fit. Have you tried fresh tumerick root in your tea? I make a yummy turmeric milk with oat milk and the fresh root and some zero calorie sugar. Glad you had a nice time catching up with the golf ladies and could just take it easy and hit a little - zen tortoise style!
Great to hear you went to golf and met up with the women even though you were running late and were kind of in two minds about it.
My clothes not fitting properly Is generally the trigger for me to take my weight seriously again. It's super annoying but if it wasn't I'd be way heavier than I am now!
Thanks, Liza, Marsia & LaMa :grouphug:
Re: the tooth :svengo:
It ended up being a nightmare & I was in the chair for over an hour. The tooth broke up as he tried to remove it & he ended up having to saw through it ( & my jaw) to get it out. He told me afterwards that he thought he may have to leave it there! The roots had wrapped themselves around my jaw & had fused together. It was an absolute ordeal. I called that tooth every swear word I could think of under my breath. It was as I was saying quietly but loudly in my head “ get out you f$#*er!” That the last bit came out. I was absolutely stuffed afterwards. I needed stitches.
He had to give me so many injections as well, so it took hours to wear off. I told him afterwards that I have a lot of faith in him & that's when he told me he almost thought he was going to have to leave it in. I also said to him that when people complain about going to the dentist I tell them they're going to the wrong dentist.
I was in a fair bit of pain for the rest of the day but managed to sleep ok. I'm not in bad shape today, but won't be doing much today. My jaw is still pretty sore.
One very important thing I can pass on from my dentist is that chewing sugarless gum helps create moisture in your mouth, which helps prevent decay. I am going to become a gum chewer( with my mouth shut, I promise!)
Re: getting rid of my excess weight. OK, Marsia I'll keep trying. I really don't want to buy clothes in a bigger size. It would feel so wrong! I'm going to think of you when I next have a hit of golf. Zen 🐢🏌️‍♀️

Today- we are going to pick up 2 venison this morning & then deal with them. D & the kids are coming tonight for dinner & staying the night.
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Oh no Cate, so sorry it was such an ordeal with the dentist. Apparently, apples are fantastic for good gum and mouth health. That 'apple a day' phrase is around for a reason.

I am also in the doldrums about my weight. I don't know what to do anymore.
That sounds awful! I hope you heal up well. When my wisdom teeth had to come out it took 6 weeks until I could properly open my mouth again.
About the gum: don't grind it too fervently or it'll make your neck tense up.
Oh no Cate, so sorry it was such an ordeal with the dentist. Apparently, apples are fantastic for good gum and mouth health. That 'apple a day' phrase is around for a reason.
I am also in the doldrums about my weight. I don't know what to do anymore.
Thanks, Em. It's over now at least, Em & the memory will fade. I really have no idea what to do about losing weight this time. It gets harder & harder!
That sounds awful! I hope you heal up well. When my wisdom teeth had to come out it took 6 weeks until I could properly open my mouth again.
About the gum: don't grind it too fervently or it'll make your neck tense up.
Thanks, LaMa. I'm glad it was only one tooth. If I had to go back to have another out I would be seriously rethinking it. I won't chew the gum vigorously because I hate the look on others who chew gum all the time. Mine will be surreptitious & most probably while I'm in the car.
Oh, glad you have such a good dentist. That sounds like some ordeal! For losing weight, I know I need to calorie count, but I also need to wait a month or so until we're moved out because that would be too much stress, and I don't lose weight while stressed anyway, so no use torturing myself. In the mean time, I'll just start forming better habits like the lemon drink instead of anything sweet. I am also thinking about just dishing much smaller portions - maybe as I get older I just don't need as much food. I'd like to experiment with that. In the mean time, happy zen tortoise golfing - that is a really nice image to ponder!
It was awful, M but I’m glad to be done with it.
I have started counting calories today & will try to come up with a plan just for October. I feel I should maybe give up bread for a month. I’m going away for a couple of nights in October so I won’t go AF that week, but I think I’ll keep going with 2 AF days a week. That is doable.
I really hope to be back playing golf on the 17th of October as our social group is playing at my favourite course. It’s also very flat.
I am going to set some sound foundations in October.
Terrible about the rough tooth extraction Cate! Yes good thing to be done with it and not to have to go back for another...
Interesting about the gum chewing tip. I've never been a gum chewer--don't know if I could get into that, but good to know.
Thanks, Liza, It feels a little better today.
I have never been a gum chewer either, except in the car as I hate the look. I'll make myself get used to it though.
I had a good night's sleep last night & had a lovely evening with D & the 3 GK's.
I take turmeric & ginger in capsule form. Part of my reason for doing this was because I wanted a natural anti-inflammatory that didn't upset my stomach, lol. I guess we have different systems. Because of my surgery all those years ago, I can't take NSAIDs, so I went looking for something that would help with occasional joint/muscle inflammation. After reading a bunch of information about how glucosamine/chondroitin really doesn't seem to have any clinical measurable effect, I tried the turmeric/ginger combination. Side benefit (which I haven't had the opportunity to try out) ginger is supposed to help with motion sickness. I generally don't get it for shorter periods of time, but have been out on boats/ships for extended periods and have occasionally gotten queasy in rough seas.