Calling all Australians


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C'mon Tassie!!

WHOOOO yep, Tassie :) It IS a wonderful place, if you like 4 seasons haha. Go Aussie!! :party:


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Another one from the wonderful land of OZ, Im from Melbourne in the yarra valley and I have 35kgs to lose and am glad to have found some other aussies to share my journey with :)


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Hello fellow Aussies! Im from Newcastle NSW. Ive had a total of 24kgs to lose, and now im almost half way there!!!


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Hi another Aussie here, trying to lose my weight again for the 2nd time! Just doing exercise and watching the calories at the moment!

Good Luck


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Hiya Aussies!

I'm Lisa, from Melbourne. I'm doing the weight loss 'thing' again too! Woop! I've got a LOT to lose, I'm currently around the 126kg mark, and gotta get down to around 68kg. I've been trying for about a year and a half now, and I've gone up and down, my lowest being 116 in January this year, but then I got diagnosed with depression and since then losing weight has been more difficult coz I'm such an emotional eater. But I'm working on that!

Hope everyone is doing well!


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Awww it's great to see more of us here!

I never introduced myself before, but I'm from Sydney and I'm about a quarter way to my goal. Hopefully I'll be there in time for summer!

You learn so much from this site :D


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HI guys I'm new to this forum looked around really good information. I have been on a cleansing diet for the last week have had some good results, what are your thoughts on cleansing people?


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Cleansing... okay in the very short term but doesn't provide realistic weightloss/fatloss and you put the weight back on. It teaches you bad habits too but I guess it's alright to use it to mentally jump start a diet/ lifestyle change.

Best medicine is eating less (calorie counting works great) and exercising. If you do it right, you can still have what you want in moderation.


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No More Sweets

That's my dieting motto. I am not sure what else to say. I am keeping a regular blog thingy about diet in the main forum. As i am in a healthy weight range it might not be too interesting for people who have a lot to lose but frankly i think the princples are much the same.

I'm a binger so avoiding sugar totally is one thing that works for me. This is the second time i've tried to do it "forever". And this time i've been doing it for a month.

mercy looker

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Hi lm from bundaberg QLD, anyone here whose has tried this [Spam Link Removed] for weight loss. any results or effects
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Hi everyone :)

I am from Sydney Australia.

I have about 35kg to lose and this is my millionth attempt. Hoping I can stick to it this time! :banghead:


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Sending out a cooee to our Aussie members, from Cate in Tassie. I'm not sure how many of us there are, but I know I find this forum very inclusive & supportive. Cheers!


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Hi guys! Newbie reporting in!
I'm in Northern Victoria, aka 'Mask country'. We are all battoning-down the hatches in the hopes that Corona will take a long leap off a high cliff!!


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Welcome to the forum
Thank you!!