Calling all Australians

Hi fellow aussies :cheers2:

I'm from Melbourne and just found this website - have nearly 20kg to lose to be at my dream weight - one step at a time.

Keep up the good work everyone :seeya:
hi aussiemum
Im still trying to get the private messaging working. When it does I will be in touch.:auto:
Hey ya. Im Dee. I am from Darwin NT. ALthough i wld love to be back in SA. Cant pick and chose unfort as an army wife!!! Anyway, initially i started out at 97-98kg, lost 30kg and got to 68kg. Unfort since being here, iv shot back up to like 75-76 and was 80kg last wk- its more of a fluid thing for me- change of humidity!!! But taking fluid tablets gets me back to 76 or so. So my start weight was 80kg, down to 76 at the mo and my aim is like 65kg. So not alot to lose. Then i will reassess where i go from there- maybe to 60. My program says ideal weight is 62 so will see how we go!! Fingers crossed its all done in a few mths- i lost the 30kg in 4mths last time- all healthy and medically revised. So i am eagar to get it all off, and then i can look at the tummy tuck option!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha. Hope all are going well.......
Cooo Eeeee another over here :waving:

Nice to meet you all!

Wowsers Wishes :D what an impressive weight loss.. you look AMAZING girl!!! What an inspiration you are! :hurray:

I am just starting on this journey, I have been on a reduced eating plan (sort of home made plan, heavily inspired by the weight watchers model) for about a week now, unfortunately I have no idea what I weighed to begin with, as my scales were up the whack! I just weighed myself today, and was horrified!!! I know I have lost this week, which just makes it even scarier!

In the past I have tried no Carb (arghghghghg turns me into a Bitchmeister from Heeeeeeeeeelllllllllll) and Jenny Craig :puke: (disgusting fake food, and too expensive), Scarsdale (works well, but very hard work) to no avail, I have come to the conclusion the only thing that is going to work is portion control, sensible eating, and increase the exercise!

I do eat well anyway, never eat junk, but I just eat too much!!!! The focus now is on low fat, low carb (high fibre complex carbs only), and mostly veggies! I also tend to like the drinkie poos (just wine) and have been known to overindulge there, so that has been virtually cut out (only a few glasses once a week) I am kinda viewing this as a very long term/forever thing, rather than a diet, which is totally a new mindset for me, in the past I have always wanted quick results, which doesn't work for me, it is all back on in a pretty short time, the only thing that had long term results was Scarsdale, but geeeeze louise it was hard!

Wish me luck!!!
Nathan from Sydney here. I'm 84kg, aiming for 70kg. I managed to get to 78kg last year but have shot up again since. Just trying to find time to exercise!
Hi all. Im starting my Cohens plan again in morning- all stocked up!! I kinda just hit a 3-4day low and fall off wagon but i have 4wks til surgery (knee recon) and want about hmm say 7kg off before then. I just think it will be better for my health and also carrying less weight around on crutches!!! Anyway, i guess i should get to bed and then i can start a fresh!! I just dont wanna be FAT forever- im about 77-8kg now. My starting weight was 98kg!!!!!!! I got to 68 but have gained about 8-10kg- since my fiance went into the army and then we were posted interstate. I rarely eat but when i do- its like it goes straight to my hips!! Hahaha. I know i have to eat regularly to lose weight etc etc. I do get it. I just have to be very disciplined!!!!!! Cohens is restrictive- but it works so here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks Trusylver!

Hi Nathan welcome to you :waving:

Best of luck with the pre-op weight loss DeDe! :seeya:
Good to see how many of us are from Down Under :)
I'm a born and bred Melbournite (from Melbourne + cellulite lol). Greetings to you all and you all sound pretty motivated and in kick-ass mentality.:waving:
So they say Australia has now surpassed the US as the world's fattest nation. Hmmm, wonder what it would be like to have a bit of a nation-to-nation online weight loss challenge? Aussies v. Yanks?? :boxing:
What do you all think?
Support for the colonies:

So they say Australia has now surpassed the US as the world's fattest nation. Hmmm, wonder what it would be like to have a bit of a nation-to-nation online weight loss challenge? Aussies v. Yanks?? :boxing:
What do you all think?

Australia would totally win. Canadians would help, if need be!

I think it's just that there are more extremes in North America. People are either morbidly obese, or fitness fanatics. There are far less people in between. I would guess that in Australia the "fat" people are all less fat on average than the Americans, who are probably more disabled by obesity in greater numbers.
Yeah, I would tend to agree Alpha.. :iagree: I can't see where we are the fattest nation at all.. it is still pretty rare to see someone who would be truly morbidly obese here.. but there are a lot of people who are a fair bit overweight.

Someone I know who returned from the USA recently commented that it was BS us being the fattest, and that they had seen huge people everywhere over there... here it is still a eye boggling sight to see someone really huge.

I am probably technically morbidly obese, but I am not really, just very overweight - obese, as I have a big frame, but it feels good to be doing something about it anyway.

Still it's not a title we should hide from, it's very shaming, and I hope that more fattie Aussies are taking heed and doing something about it.
Another Aussie in the mix - I'm up North where we do alot of this :beerchug: ...... and it usually end up like this :puke: .

Noooo ..... just kidding - we're not that bad. A bit rough around the edges, but an adorable bunch nonetheless. :D
Hey don't know if this thread is still going or not but i'm from Aus, melbourne! I started weight watchers a while ago and have lost 5kgs so far, have another 15 to go!
YAY! Aussies!
I'm from Melbourne and i've got to lose ATLEAST 48kg :(