Aruthurs Log

I had a 140kg bench @ 90kg. I have t-rex arms and a decent arch...its like a 4 inch range of motion :) it levels out though my deadlift always has and always will be my worse lift!!!

my very first powerlifting comp back when i was young enough to be a jnr my lifts were

100kg squat a erm 112kg bench and a 140 deadlift yup...i benched more than i squatted on my first comp. shame!
Dont worry something will explode before i reach over 100kg bench :) pec , rotator cuff....the options are endless!
The only thing making my bench press remotely acceptable is that I weigh about as much as the average 14 year old girl. My trump card in competition has, so far, been my squat, because the guys around my weight seem to have universally pathetic bench presses, and a hard-on for deadlifts, so we tend to suck and be heroic pretty equally there. My training has always been influenced by guys/groups who squat way too damn often, and for a long time I found I couldn't squat less than 2x/wk without my technique degrading from week to week, so just doing a stupidly large number of squats in my lifetime seems to have served me well out on the platform.
My wife has the genetics for power, due to reasons totally beyond her control which also mean I should never be locked in a room with her genetic donors, she can't lift anymore, but she was something awesome. Just over 60kg with 35kg bench (ROM around 6.inches with normal arch), 85-90kg squat and bench. All to 3 white light standard, though she never had the confidence to compete.
I'm not tall but I am gangly. So guys my height are whooping my arse on bench because even with reasonable arch my ROM is close to 2 foot which at 5' 10" is dreadful. I have always liked squats and regard this and deadlift to be confidence exercises, especially squats which I find feels heavier when lifting it off the rack than squatting.
I can't remember my official weight on the day, but it was just under 75kg with unrepeated P b squat 195, bench 97.5 and deadlift 205. My aim was not to come last in my weight class which I succeeded in avoiding, first place in my group was 3-4 inches shorter than me and warming up on more than my best lifts. Overall winner was literally a midget, I saw him talking to a guy thinking they were both seated until he turned and walked away. Only person I have ever seen who could deadlift without bending his knees to right angles and who needed platform boxes to put his feet on in bench press.
Right Today then.

Box Squats

bar x 10

Bulgarian Squats 30kgx10x4 5 each leg

Strict Press
bar x 10

Pullups 3x4 *cough *cough

Side Lat Raises 10kg x6x3

Rear Lat Raises 10kgx10x3

So box squats felt really solid. Loads more there in the tank. I hate hate single leg stuff. So im gonna do more of it. We wont talk about my pullup's.

Happy with the box squats. Gonna run 3 weeks of them when I get back from holidays.

also i log weight x reps x sets ive seen it done both ways .

Pulls. 40x5 60x5 80x5 100x5 120kgx5

Bench 40x5 60x6 70x5 80x3

Low Rows 50x4x10

And thats that. Pulls were grand. Hip felt great. Had to cut the session short so no lunges or core.

I plan to do a jujitsu session tomorrow and then a run monday and thats me done for the holidays.
Right. Back from Holidays. Ran every second day while i was away. Hiked every other day then. When i wasnt running or hiking or chasing my nieces around the place i was eating or drinking.


Weigh this morning. 86kg.

I got a phone call two days after i landed from a nutritionist/PT that I had put my name on the waiting list for a while back. I'd forgotten all about it. So im going to meet him tomorrow evening. Going to do a 12 week diet/training program with him. He has been getting great success. TBH i know i could do all this myself but i wouldnt mind letting someone else do the thinking for a change and i just eat and lift :p

I also had an early birthday present when i got home. A safety squat bar. Delighted!!! so i did the below session today just for the sake of it!!!

Hib prehab x lots and lots

Safety Bar Squats

bar x 5 x 2
40kg x5 x2
50kg x 5
60kg x5

Didnt push the weight on these. Just playing with the bar really.

bar x 5

Ab wheel
3 x 12

Left it there. Will see how tomorrow goes and hopefully ill have a decent 12 week plan to get stuck into.
Jujitsu and a 4k last nighgt. Very sore this morning.

Back to the nutritionist/PT tomorrow to get my 12 week plan. Looking forward to it now.
Right. Got my diet and got my training program. Got my BF done with callipers from 7 points and im 19%. Had a before photo taken as well so will post up progress photos as I go

Have my foods for the first two weeks and spent 2 hours shopping today. The good news is there is plenty of food and variety so i wont get bored!!!

Training wise ill be getting 3 x weights 2 x jujitsu and 4 by cardio in ever week.

Today was LEG DAY!!!!!!!

SBS ( safety bar squats)
bar x 20 40x12 50x10 60x8 70x6

Front Squats
40x12 45x10 50x8 55x6

Still leg deads
40x12 50x10 60x8 60x6

Seated Calf raises
50 x12 x10 x8 x6

Standing Calf raises
40x12 60x10 60x8 60x6

The SBS were handy. Need to up the weight on them big time over the coming weeks.
Front squats were grand. I hate hate hate SDL's i need to find something to sub these for.