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hi, im a 24 year old male currently weighing on 110 kilo ( formerly 114.6)

i've been quite dormant and never exercise since my high school graduation so in 5-6 years i gradually get fatter
i tried to go to gym but the routine bore me so usually i only go like a month and then give up

about 3 months ago finally i tried to get fit for real and attend an mma class boxing, muay thai, and bjj ( this work better because i enjoy the drill more than just doing treadmill and lifting for hours )
at first month I didn't gain or loss weight
but on the 2nd month i start to lose some weight each weak
i use the samsung health app to count calories ( no more than 1,4/1,8k calories a day and skip dinner )
this is entering my 3rd month and i can do the class regularly 5 times a week now ( sat and sun is resting time )

since like 2 weeks ago i notice i start to lose weight in a good pace
if i woke up and weight 113, i will eat and gain like 113.2 or 113.3 and then i attend the mma class from 7-9 pm and my weight will increase to 113.4/113.65( water weight and sweat )
but the next day after empty my stomach on toilet it will go down to 112.6-112.8 so i can lose like 1-1,5 kilo a week
it keep going till i lose arround 5 kilo ( my lowest was 109.1 )

but this week seems different, i keep the same diet, i keep count the calories and now i do the 2 hours a day mma for 5 days a week but my weight keep stuck
yesterday i weight on 109.6 and i decide i will attend 2 class at once ( 4 hour, 5-9pm ) after practice my weight at 109.7 and i skip dinner as usual and sleep
the next day ( today ) my weight still stuck at 109.6 and its been so for 3 day ( usually i already lose like half a kilo )

i attach some of the track of weight loss, as you can see my lowest was just 4 days ago but after that even tho i eat the same ammount of calories and workout, i gain weight instead of loosing it.

is there any reason on why the weight stuck after a good pace like that ? and what should i do ?


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Weight loss is not linear there are times your rate of loss will be slow, non existent or even go up a little before you continue to loose again, a 3 day stall is nothing to worry about. Also as you loose weight, you need less calories along with your body adapting to exercise and becoming metabolically more efficient.


Welcome to the forum! I agree with Trusylver, weight loss will not always happen at the same rate. But I have to say, good for you on your progress so far!