DHEA as a Body Building Supplement

DHEA as a Body Building Supplement

Since the early days of body building, people trying to increase lean muscle mass have endlessly searched for medical solutions in order to do so. Thousands of muscle building and weight gain supplements have been introduced to the market with insignificant proof of effectiveness. Heavily
marketed in fitness magazines and local vitamin stores, the ads always show overly huge bodybuilders in unnatural proportions. THE TRUTH - Extreme muscle growth can only be provided by anabolic steroids. It is estimated that 85% of muscle building products sold are purchased by novice body builders trying to gain in size.

So what IS clinically proven to work? Recent clinical research by some of the world’s top scientists have identified a hormone known as DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) as a legal supplement that can help add pounds of lean muscle while simultaneously reducing fat.

DHEA is a naturally occurring hormone in the body which is the precursor to the sex hormones testosterone and estrogen. As the adrenal glands start to age, the natural production of DHEA in the body begins to weaken. Along with dropping levels of DHEA, most people begin to gain belly fat, lose muscle mass, and experience a diminished libido. This phenomenon has led to numerous university sponsored clinical trials on the benefits of supplementation with a DEHA based supplement in order to gain muscle and burn fat.

A different recent clinical trial published in Clinical Endocrinology followed both men and women who were undergoing 100mg of DHEA supplementation over 6 months. The object of the clinical study was
to measure changes in circulating sex hormones, muscle strength and over all body composition. The findings of this clinical study proved that DHEA can help reduce fat in men while building muscle and increasing strength. Women also showed improvements in lean muscle mass without any side effects.

Researchers conclude that DHEA supplementation works by increasing the levels of IGF-1 (Insulin Like Growth Factor). Natural releases of IGF-1 are what most body builders train for. The body naturally releases IGF-1 after long bouts of muscle hypertrophy. Supplementation with DHEA allows for increases in IGF-1 not only post workout, but during the critical muscle recovery period. Increased levels of IGF-1 also contribute to muscle building by improving protein synthesis. The findings of this research are important as it supports previous medical trials in which DHEA was also proven to burn fat, increase lean muscle mass and even boost kick your sex drive into high gear.

If lean muscle growth is what you are looking for, DHEA supplementation is the best place to start as clinical research would suggest. Do not be a victim of magazine ads showing a 300lb steroid filled bodybuilder claiming he packed on the muscle with some sort of over the counter product. If such products worked, then every person trying to pack on lean muscle would look like that.

As always, diet and exercise is critical to any fitness goals. Consult your doctor before starting any muscle building program.

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