Chest workouts Men

Chest workouts Men

Chest workouts Men - Barbell Bench Press

The Barbell bench press is considered the best of most upper body exercises. The flat barbell bench press is definitely the standard with regard to strength ability and upper chest work out. In the event you can just select a couple work out routines for men, the flat barbell bench press would always need to be on the list as best chest workout. This is also exactly the same physical exercise found in virtually any big power-lifting competition.

You actually will see individuals work with many variants of the flat barbell bench press. A close grip flat barbell bench press can be used to concentrate more on tricep muscles, while a wide grip flat barbell bench press is really a traditional pec builder. A center grasp can be used most effectively to mix the effectiveness of the tricep muscles, pecs, as well as shoulders to get a maximum effort bench press.

Set Up: look for a flat standard Olympic bench having a regular forty-five pound barbell. Laying down flat on top of the bench, you need the bottom of your feet to touch the ground. The reason being we'd like a good foundation, in order to make use of our hip and legs to assist pushing the weight upward. You need your butt, your upper back, as well as your head to always be coming in contact with the bench at all times.

Correct Set Up: Ensure that when you position yourself under the bar the weights are going to be coming nearly straight down to your chest. If not, you could open yourself up to a shoulder injury by having to move the weight in a different direction in order to rerank it once complete with your set.

Starting Grip: Start off having a medium grip flat bench press, you don’t really want your elbows nestled in nor flared out. They need to naturally drop in a forty-five degree position from your side and locked in against your lats for the purpose of stabilizing at the end of your repetition.

Start Your Movement: Coming from the unracked position, you'll lower the weight gradually in order that the bar only gently touches your pec area; don't bounce. I like to use a 3 second count on the way down and a 2 second count on the way up. You'll want to push the bar throughout the mid-way point of your repetition, which is the sticking point for most of us. When you are beyond the mid-way point you can boost your tricep muscles into activation in order to push and lock out of the weight. Meaning, you don't to lock the elbows out 100%, rather they must be locked out around 95% just so the elbow is totally straight.

The barbell bench press is a great power and strength builder for your overall body fitness. If done correctly you will get gains quickly and with ease. Once your body has adjusted to a medium grip after about three weeks mix it up a bit and switch to a close grip or wide and feel your muscles strain all over again. It's good to have the practice of switching all of your exercises up about every 3-4 weeks in order to keep it fresh and new.

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