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This morning I ordered the Zumba fitness set online. I used to love to dance and do aerobic type exercise and think this might be a way I can get started in exercise again.

Has anyone here used the Zumba DVD's or taken the classes? Any feedback or suggestion would be so appreciated!
I am addicted to zumba. I havent bought the zumba DVDs - but probably would if I was in a mood for spending more money on DVDs... Frankly - anyone can do tons of zumba without ever spending money on DVDs. There are millions of zumba tracks on you tube...

I actually adore zumba classes though. I actually tend to do an hour of hardcore zumba about 4 days a week (with salsa on two of the other days)...

While I listen to zumba tracks around the house - I enjoy doing the exercises in a class situation and have found an excellent zumba instructor. I push myself more in a class situation.

To get in some practice while waiting for your DVDs - you might want to play some of my favourites from you tube... I posted this list some time ago on another diet forum.

I love going to Zumba classes. I've been to three this week! each an hour long so that is a fair bit of exercise...

The music is so distinctive - but I only hear much of the music in the Zumba classes...

I've just started trying to track down my favourite Zumba tracks on youtube - so will link here those I find as I find them.

It will certainly give anyone an idea of what to expect at a Zumba class before they brave it into the room.

Different teachers seem to teach different steps to the same track so that tends to change from class to class...

I apologise to anyone that speaks the languages involved - but I don't and am bound to spell everything wrong...


I really like this link because the steps are almost identical to those I was doing at my class yesterday... lol the only real differences are that we do two extra sections of jumping jacks before they start doing them... then we kick to the side when we get to the Z-arms bit...


this is pretty fast and the jumping jacks sections are tiring......

lol on Wednesday this week Zumba Boys actually used this as a warm up!!!!!!


This track is my absolute favourite - but we do different steps...

Zumba He Zumba Ha

Wiggle Wiggle


Mueve La Colita

we do this track very similar to this clip - the differences being

- in the chorus bit when you move your arms in circles in front of you - we clap 2 or 3 times (it varies - but you can hear the time to clap) instead of looking like you are slapping something as it has on the clip - then we jump to turn 90 degrees - so we do that to the 4 sides...

- we start the hip circles a bit earlier about a minute before the end
- as soon as it goes "swari swari" and we bend our knees and slowly go downwards doing hip circles
- then we slowly rise doing the hip circles when he is saying "ariba ariba" etc


Wigi Wigi

I really enjoy dancing to this track... We do it at the Zumba Boys North East classes. It really is lots of fun - but we don't do anything like they do...
It is a whole room free for all where you go where you like around the hall - just doing the same steps.

The steps are as follows:
right step / wiggle wiggle /
jump / wiggle wiggle /
ziggy (right rock forward on a diag across) zaggy (right rock back on a diag across) ziggy zaggy /
turn in a circle putting the right foot forward, step down with the left turning, step the right foot back, step down on the left turnng /
4 travelling steps in any real direction you like
repeat the whole thing for the whole track...

Danza Maozinha

the steps are the same as we do - but at the walking round in circles times (you can hear the step beats distinctly) the teacher shouts "penguins" out and we had to step like penguins lol

lolol - when I went to the zumba class in Sunbury the teacher didnt shout "penguins" - and I was the only one who wanted to walk around like a penguin......


Waka Waka


Danza Kuduro


Kali Aji Salsa


Mi Chica Sexy


Que Te Pica

we do very similar steps to this. the main difference is that we drum our feet as we wiggle...






Hella Decale

we use this one to slow things down a bit...


I'm Sexy And I Know It


Follow The Leader

At the the chorus bit we jump the same amount of times but doing turning around the full circle maybe two times, then at the clap clap we change direction and go round in circles the other way etc...


La Colegiala


La Bomba

we do exactly the same criss cross thing as in this clip - but the rest of it includes a lot of dancing and running from right to left... LOL at Zumba Boys North East it ends up like a giant game of chase with everyone running three steps to the right and clapping then three to the left and clapping... LOL The teachers often both end up running off the stage into the wings...


Beat It (Michael Jackson)


If You Wanna Dance With Me

this looks just like the routine we do :)


Mi Chiquitita

we do almost the same steps as this




Mama do the hump



we do exactly the same as this clip... I think that a lot of people do as there seems to be quite a lot of videos for this track with identical features...

this one is definitely slower than average....


Hey Baby


zumba samba

Sheila Ki Jiwani

This Bollywood track is one that we use at ZBNE

It is pretty exhausting the way that we do it...

During the chorus you turn first to the right and go jump jump then hop hop hop hop (turning round to the left hopping on the same leg)
then to the left jump jump hop hop hop hop (turning to the right)
you continue that for the whole chorus - you can hear the beats to jump and hop on

The seperate verse is a bit more restful with stepping (a bit like Irish dancing with one leg bending a lot more than the other) and moving your arms up and down from head level to above for a few bars then moving your hands up and down in front of your chest while similarly stepping for a few bars - then repeat...

that chorus is so tiring though!!!

Baila Pa Emociona Calypso

we do pretty much these steps


Everybody Get Up

we do pretty much these steps (arms more horizontal than on a slope)


Smooth (Santana)

We actually do the killer arm thing to this slow record....
It may be an absolute slowdown compared to the rest - but you really feel your arms by the end.

Put your arms out totally horizontal and keep them there for ages doing little circles forward and back and wiggling your fingers. Every so often flap like wings in little controlled flaps and occasional big flaps up from there but keep going back to those little circles. They kill in the last minute...


Bouger Bouger




I Love Salsa




A La Nena Le Gusta


The FB page for ZBNE (that do lots of brilliant classes) has some tracks so I am linking it...

This has been posted on you tube. *It was Chris leading at a zumba class. *

This is among my current favourites:

Here's another one that we are currently often dancing to.

Most of them have foreign names and we don't get told the names of the tracks...
I will replace if I find clips of people doing the same steps that we do to the track...
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That's a nice list omega.

I love zumba. It keeps my mind away from the 'Must exercise to lose weight' attitude and just have fun. It's been around 2 and a half months and I still don't realize I'm exercising. Biggest benefit? Losing some weight and being healthy overall.
WOW!!!! Thanks so much! I really appreciate that you took the time to email me these!!
Hi Be Happy!
So glad to here that you like the Zumba! I can't wait to get started!
I find zumba to be lots of fun and it is great for motivating me to do exercise.

We are in full lockdown in England - so no zumba classes at all. My instructor has just notified me that there is a FREE 24 hour marathon of zumba being broadcast online starting January 23 at 6 PM GMT on https://livesessions.online

He tells me that you need to sign up here
Zumba - Ditch the Workout, Join the Party

A bit of free exercise motivation is just what I need at the minute
I love zumba! I became a big fan of

you can find it on youtube and do zoomba of all you want!