Why do some people binge eat?


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I have not binged in a few days, but yesterday I got close. Had more sweet things than normal and sure wanted more... Maybe connected to not exercising and the knee problems, but maybe not.
like I had no control, like I was a passenger in my own body.
I sure know that feeling... not happy about it but its just me I guess...
For me it's more like my neocortex doesn't want it but the ole lizard brain does.
Probably me too, but I am not sure what the "neocortex" is. I suppose it is the "lizard brain" thing.


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Rob. I think your body was trying to tell you something. Your body needs that fuel to sustain your energy output.


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Maybe try to describe what it feels like, as closely as you can. Where is the feeling? Is it sharp, or soft, does it cover a large area? Is it desperate and small or big and demanding? Does it have s colir? Any other attributes? Would blaating music or taking a bath help?