What form of diary do you use?

Hi all,
I am writing to ask what mobile apps you all use to track your gym sessions?
I am developing an app called Gym Diary (gymdiary.eu) which is available for free on Google Play, this is the preliminary beta version, however a new one is coming out in 2 weeks for android and iOS. Give it a look and some feedback if you can! what features we should add etc as we want this to be designed for the end user and everyone to benefit.
Our app also creates workout plans according to your personal specifications.
What I wanted to ask is that would people find it beneficial that an app like this would have an information subpage that explains all different training methods approaches etc or would this clutter the app and would better serve as an information tab on our website etc.
Anyway give it a look and let me know what you thing either here or:
GymDiary Facebook page
gym_diary - instagram