What else to buy from GNC for muscles

Ok. i bought for my first time Mega Whey from GNC for my arms to get way bigger. and im not sure if it will help with anything except to make me wanna vomit from the taste. Now since taking it twice a day will only make it last a week, is there anything else i should buy from GNC next weekend that will help better than that to help my arms bulk way up. Would creatine be a better purchase next time?
Whey supplements, Creatine, and other so-called 'muscle-building' supplements are mass produced in factories from chemicals. They are artificial and will produce artificial results. Assuming that you are not a vegetarian, I would recommend eating meat, drinking milk, and consuming eggs for protein. These foods will give you real, natural muscle.
So, to answer your question, you do not need to buy anything from GNC to add muscle mass to your body (most, if not all, of the bodybuilders in their ads use steroids, HGH injections, and other drugs consistently - so don't think that their products will get you that kind of size).
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you're looking at it the wrong way. what you buy from GNC doesnt get you big, YOU DO THAT!!

supps are just part of the plan. you get in the gym and give your muscles a reason to grow. you get to the dinner table and feed your muscles to grow. you go to bed and allow your muscles to rest so they can grow.

if you cant eat enough protein then protein supps can offer help. you either mix that powder in a liquid and drink it or you get to the table and eat that chicken breast. either way, get that protein in.

the results come from you, not some powder. :cool:
no i do workout. im just really lengthy. And i've been lifting for 5 months so far but they're just getting toned and not bigger. so that's why....help me
concentrate on the big basic compound exercises: squats, deadlifts, presses, rows, chins, dips, etc

can you squat your bodyweight? what does squats have to do with arms?

squats and deadlifts affect the entire body and put it in a positive enviroment to grow. put the same amount of effort into presses, rows, chins and dips, along with proper nutrition and rest and in 6 months you'll be amazed at what such simple ideas can accomplish.

concentrate on your whole body, not just your arms. presses and dips hit your triceps, rows and dips hit your biceps. aim for about 2 inches on your arms then fire off on the isolation work (curls, kickbacks, etc) to really define the muscle.
Based upon what you're saying, xyouthx, it sounds like the only thing that is keeping you from growing is lack of food. It sounds like you're not eating enough - 'toned' implies low bodyfat, and low bodyfat implies minimal caloric intake. So, in order to get your muscles to grow bigger, you must increase the amount of calories you're eating; the muscles won't grow unless you consume more calories than you expend.
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