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Your diary — How it works

The diary is an invaluable aid in reaching your target-weight. Putting your goals in writing will motivate you tremendously in achieving them. That’s the success secret of weight-loss groups — and what works in these groups will work just as well on the Internet.

Try the following tips:

1. Answer these questions before starting your diary.

-- How much weight do you want to lose?

-- What is the timeframe for reaching your target weight?

-- How do you want to accomplish your goal (what methods do you want to use)?

-- Who or what can support you in reaching your goal?

-- How realistic is your goal?

-- When will you start?

(Suggestion: print this page and think about the questions when you have a few moments of peace and quiet.)

2. Post the answers to these questions in your weight-loss.fitness.com diary. This exercise will make your goals come to life and feel more realistic.

3. Begin your own diary. Simply click on the “New Thread” button, put your name and “diary” in the subject field (e.g., “Sandra’s diary”) and type your goals into the message box. Make sure to include your starting weight — be honest, it will help you and other members.

4. Stick to it! Once you begin your diary, you’ve already accomplished a huge step toward your target weight — but you must use it regularly. It’s wise to write in your diary on a daily basis, especially at the beginning of the process. Record successes and failures. Ask other members for advice and share your feelings. You’ll notice how helpful and supportive your diary will become.

Other questions you might want to consider answering in your diary, to get you started, and avoid that white page writer's block are: (stolen shameless from Geam's diary)
  1. What is your current height and weight?
  2. If you were at an ideal weight now, what would that weight be?
  3. At what weight would you like to be at four months from now?
  4. Why do you want to lose weight?
  5. Do you want to lose weight for a specific life event such as wedding or reunion? If so, when is that event?
  6. What obstacles could get between you and your weight loss goals?
  7. Why do you think that you now have a weight problem?
  8. What lifestyle changes do you think would help you lose weight?
  9. Have you lost weight in the past? If so, what has worked in the past to help you lose weight?
  10. Why do you believe that you did not lose weight or you gained the weight back?
  11. What, if anything, has not worked for you in the past in helping you to lose weight? Why do you think it did not work?
  12. Would you try writing down all food and drink consumed for a given period of time?
  13. Do you cook at home often? If so, what do you cook?
  14. How often do you go out to eat? Where do you go?
  15. What are your three favorite foods?
  16. What are your three favorite restaurants?
  17. What are three things you can do differently when it comes to food?
  18. If you woke up tomorrow and your body was exactly the way you want it, what would be different?
  19. Do you eat when you are not hungry?
  20. Do you binge eat (large amounts at a time)?
  21. Do you hide your food or eat in secret?
  22. Do you eat when you are sad, nervous, or depressed?
  23. Do you eat as a reward?
  24. Do you eat while watching TV or using the computer?
  25. What do you normally eat for a meal?
  26. What type of snacks do you eat?
  27. In terms of exercise, what, if anything, are you currently doing?
  28. Where do you go for exercise? A local public gym? School/work gym? Home?
  29. What, if anything, are your three favorite types of exercise?
  30. What is your daily/weekly/monthly/yearly motivation to move towards your goals?
  31. Do you have rewards for certain goals?

The team at weight-loss.fitness.com wishes you the best of luck in reaching your goals!
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