Trying to kick back my body into weight loss after a stop


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Good Morning everyone, I just made a "discovery" that give me a huge boost in understanding and reassured me loads, i though i'd share it with you as some might experience a similar effect.

So i previously explained how despite exercising and stick dieting i had not lost much weight recently and felt both confused and frustrated.

I was running 5 times a week and came to a point where my muscles became so sore, i had to take a break (3 days ago). What i failed to mention before is that due to being new at exercising, i'm more in a test and try phase and my work out tend to change a lot as i learn more and more about what to do and how to do it. And i'll probably be learning for the next couple of years. I have no trainer and i learn thanks to the large amount of online resources (youtube workouts, iOS apps, short training online courses...)

So here's what i experienced, next i'll show you what i found:

After resting for 3 days, my muscle start to feel much better and the scale has dropped 1.3kg almost over night. Clearly that's no fat.

I theorised... Is muscle soreness responsible for the number on the scale not going down?

Google the result:

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Yes muscle soreness due to a change in workout (intensity, variety) will cause inflammation and swelling in the muscle that can lead to up to 4 pounds of water retention. 4 POUNDS
That's huge!

No wonder i didn't see the scale going down, i have been playing with variety and intensity workout for the past month or so. Meaning i was in constant inflammation (even small) and my body constantly trying to adapt and recover.

Now this shows me i need to be more gentle in changing routine, increasing intensity. Also, I learned that warming up for 5 to 10 mins to the least will impact the amount of post exercise soreness after 24h. And i should be able to continue my weight loss steady if the science works out :cool:

Hope this helps someone else than just me.

Thanks for reading.
New weight loss record 64.1kg (-23kg since start)
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I would like to know is there any change happen in your sleep pattern? Did you sleep less than 7 hours in the month in which you lose less weight? I am asking this question since researchers found that sleep deprivation does not help people lose weight. Rather lack of sleep promotes weight gain. Sleep deprivation can happen due to several factors like a sudden change in lifestyle, incorporating Spam Link Removed, and of course mental illness.
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