tried fat cavitation

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AI did my first treatment for fat cavitation at slim now and I lost 6cm around my belly after the hour treatment, I couldn't beloved it! I did boot camp for 3 months for 5 days a week and was on protein shakes and only ate 1 meal a day amd it took me that long to lose 6cm, I lost it in 1 hour just lying there! If you got stubborn fat that won't budge no matter how many sit UPS you do, I recommend you do fat cavitation, apparently you need about 6 to 10 treatments and they recommend you to still excercis and eat healthy as its not a form of weight loss its more body contouring for stubborn fat.
I did this yesterday in Bellevue, WA (Sound Body and Face) and lost 1" from my waistline. A friend went from a 42" waist to 39.5 in one treatment last week, so I had to try it. I found them on craigslist - nice spa, friendly staff. She said the same thing: Not a substitute for diet and exercise, but a tool to use to lose inches, have to drink lots of water. (I hate water - unless it's filtered through coffee grounds.)

Has anybody else tried cavitation?