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We have a great tool right of the forum for tracking your weight loss. Over the years, the link has gotten burried and forgotten about, but I have added it back into the "Misc" section so you can find it easily:

Weight Loss Table
thanks Sean :)
Tracking your weight is quite interesting and challenging. I did it and I was encouraged that everyday I lose little by little and it's GREAT!!!
Well, if the scales are right that is, I have lost 2 lbs now lets hope that it stays that way or goes down.

Though I am watching my diet and drinking lots of water, the only drmatic difference that i have implemented is to drink a glass of wine aday , go figure:cool:
Tracking your weight every day will help you see if there is an increase in your weight or a decrease, as well. People who are conscious of their body are highly focused and determined to meet the goal of weight loss.
Losing weight is the most difficult work of your total self. It needs your discipline on right food intake and regular exercise for a successful diet program. Make a new schedule today and you will wonder the fast and effective way of losing weight.
I think huddler was trying to correct some of their errors and they broke the link. I've updated the link, so hopefully that works for you.
Hi Sean thanks for link it’s quite helpful :) tracing your weight is not an easy job you have control over everything!!
Hi AllCdnBoy! That table is really helpful. Do I need to register before I can track my progress there? Also, I have started a month ago, do I need to start again?
If you are logged into here, than you don't need to re-register, although it will ask you to fill out a small profile. If you put in your start date, you can fill in the weeks in-between.
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