take my fat ....please!!

taking any and all advice here. i am 6'2" at 235lbs. i am wanting to be slimer (200lbs) and healthier by July (30th birthday). also i am a stay-at-home dad for my 2 year old triplet sons / work 3 nights a week in a retail store. for obvious reasons i dont have a gym membership and wouldnt have the time if i did. i need to workout at home. i have a few free weights and am going to buy a weight bench. so all of these things taken into consideration......PLEASE HELP ME!!!....anyone. thank you :confused:
heres some exercises.

TO lose fat do some cardio exercises. You could run. Or jog. Also some things around the house are...

push ups.
squats. (You can use weights later on! Do body weight first)
sit ups. I'd do like 200 a day. Actual sit ups. Not crunches.
calf raises(go on a ledge of any sort. Put the balls of your feet on the ledge and let your heels hang off. And raise yourself using your calfs. )