Proform 720e vs Nordictrack Elite 12.7

Hi everyone, brand new here and hope this is okay to post here. I'm looking for opinions on which is a better elliptical - Proform 720e or Nordictrack Elite 12.7. Both options are used.

The Proform is about a year old and has been used regularly. Its priced at $250.

The Nordictrack has been used less than 10 hours. It's $400.

I'm wondering if the Nordictrack is worth the extra $150. I know it has a web enabled touchscreen which jacks up the cost (definitely an unnecessary feature). However, I feel like Nordictrack is a heavier duty brand - am I wrong? I've had a similar Nordictrack (minus the touchscreen) and loved it. I have no experience with Proform other than testing out the 720e for a minute at a sporting goods store.

I'd appreciate any advice or opinions!
One last option - Nordictrack Elite 10.9. Bought brand new in February and used three times. $350.