PLB Journal

Hey Everyone,

I haven't take the time to think about what my goals are just yet, so I will have to add a post later once I put some thought into that. Basically, I just want to start getting in some activity on a regular basis but have struggled to build up any kind of fitness level since being pregnant (6 years ago!). Along with my joints getting very "loose" during pregnancy and causing some joint issues, I've also started to get regular migraines, and have struggled with back and neck issues for about 15 years now. As soon as I get into any exercise involving the upper body, especially the shoulders (like planks or push ups, for example), I end up getting headaches because my neck is just a mess. I've had a few bouts of pretty severe acid reflux, resulting in some pretty drastic weight loss, which in turn caused me to lose muscle mass. So, even though I gained the weight back, I now need to work on building some muscle!

I've been exercising somewhat regularly, 3 to 4 times per week, but with no real plan. I've mostly been doing intervals on the spin bike, a short workout focused on building up core strength, and stretching. Now that the weather is getting warmer, I've been trying to get in some hill walks, mostly for the fresh air!

Tonight I didn't have a lot of time, but here was my workout:

20 mins on the spin bike:

~ 5 mins getting warmed up, gradually increasing the tension on the wheel
~ 5x60 second high intensity intervals, 60 second recovery
~ 5 mins constant speed but reducing the tension on the wheel

20 mins body weight exercises:

2x20 calf raises
2x15 squats
2x8 single leg squats (pistol squats?)
2x20 glue bridges
2x20 single leg core heel taps (keeping core engaged, going slow and maintaining a neutral spine)
2x30 sec side planks from knees (these don't agree with the neck at this point)
2x15 stair push ups

10 mins of stretching

Not much but didn't have a lot of time!
Tonight was just 30 mins on the spin bike doing intervals and about 10 mins of stretching. I can't seem to get past the 30 mins on the bike seat without getting sore. Even with a gel seat cover.
I'm not very good at journalling! The past month, as it's been getting warmer outside, I've been going on hikes or generally doing more outdoorsy things, rather than working out indoors. It's been great!
WOW! It's amazing man, Go ahead.:):)